Earlier this year we made a commitment to build native desktop apps for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Secretly, we also wanted to build better native mobile apps. Today, we’re proud to announce Hipchat for Mac 2.0 AND Hipchat for iOS 2.0. They’re leaner, faster, and, most importantly – they’re native.

Hipchat for Mac 2.0: Less AIR, more Mac

Our native Mac app has come a long way since its initial beta release. Thirty-six releases later and it’s ready for prime time. If you’ve been holding out for the 2.0 release, here’s what you’ll find in the new native app for Mac OS X:

  • Improved performance: Everything is faster – signing in, loading conversations, sending messages, scrolling, and even typing.
  • Horizontal Vertical tabs: Open chats are now stacked vertically in a new left-sidebar so you can keep more than 3x as many chats open at once.
  • Native OS X features: Chat in full-screen and stay up-to-date with Mountain Lion’s notification center. Did we mention support for Retina displays too?

Hipchat for Mac

If you’re using Hipchat on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or above, there’s never been a better time to make the switch and start using our new native Mac app.

Download Hipchat for Mac

But, what about video?

We’re heads down working on a better solution for video chat than what was available in the legacy AIR app. Hang tight, we’ll get there.

Hipchat for iOS 2.0: Redesigned and reengineered

The Hipchat experience on iOS just got a whole lot better. Like, a thousand times better. This is more than just a fresh coat of paint. We rebuilt the app for speed and consistency in user experience between our new desktop apps. Highlights include:

  • New look: See for yourself (smile)
  • Quick switching: A new left-sidebar (just like our desktop app) displays your open open rooms, making it faster to switch between chats.
  • File, link, and chat history: A new right-sidebar in rooms provides quick access to view members, browse shared files and links, and search chat history.
  • Swipe gestures: Just swipe left or right to access the left and right sidebars.
  • In-app notifications: Never miss a new chat or @mention while you’re chatting in another room.
  • Faster picture sharing: Sharing the last photo taken on your iPhone or iPad is just a tap away.

Hipchat for iOS 2.0

If you are using Hipchat on your iPhone or iPad and haven’t updated yet, go ahead and do it now. Do it.

Get Hipchat for iOS

There’s more to come

We’re not slowing down. Our team has grown from four to 15 since joining Atlassian just over 12 months ago. And there’s even bigger news on the horizon… Stay tuned.

And thanks to all our beta testers! You’re awesome.

P.S. Our native Windows app is coming will be in public beta soon. Sign up for more information (if you haven’t already).

News for Mac and iOS users. Big news.