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Mediamark, by Cognium Systems, is a new add-on for Confluence that allows you to easily capture multimedia content from the Web.


Multimedia content is growing and expanding to all corners of the web. Concurrently, organizations are using Confluence to collaborate over content and share information more effecitvely in the enterprise. Mediamark enhances Confluence’s bookmarking functionality by allowing users to capture rich multimedia content via a bookmarklet.

With Mediamark, bookmarking doesn’t end with links and plain text. Mediamark supports formatted text, images, videos, and other embedded objects like SlideShare presentations or Scribd documents. Simply select the parts of the Web page you want to clip and save them into the Confluence space of your choice.

Confluence is a fantastic tool for organizing, developing, and discussing a project with your team. Often, content relevant to a project is located outside of Confluence itself. Mediamark helps to combine internal project information with relevant external content within a single system.

How it works

Mediamark should seem very familito to users of the existing Atlassian Social Bookmarking Plugin, except that it adds the ability to clip and store multimedia content.

To use Mediamark, open the Browse Bookmarks page (Browse > Bookmarks) in any space. The Mediamark bookmarklet link is located on the right.

Bookmark and share content

  1. Open the webpage of interest and click on the Mediamark bookmarklet.
    • If you wish, click on the content of the webpage to clip the parts of interest.
    • To clip an embedded Flash object (some videos, SlideShare presentations, etc) without the surrounding content, click on the Mediamark clip icon in a corner of the object (see the screenshot below).
  2. Select the destination space (only a space where you can create pages can be selected).
    • If you wish, you can edit the bookmark title, url, labels or notes.
  3. Press Save.

View and Manage Bookmarks

The bookmarked content is saved as a page in the destination space. Hence, all bookmarks will be visible in the space’s page tab (Browse>Pages), search results, and email notifications. In addition, there is a dedicated Bookmarks tab that simplifies bookmark visualization (Browse>Bookmarks).

The X Factor

Mediamark even automatically imports your legacy bookmarks from Atlassian’s Social Bookmarking plugin.

What’s next?

Planned Mediamark features include

  • Saving bookmarks to multiple spaces at a time
  • Concurrent sharing to external websites, such as Twitter or LinkedIn
  • Adding ability to bookmark feeds and social streams, not just individual pages

You can find Mediamark for Confluence and many other great add-ons for our products on the Atlassian Marketplace.

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