It’s no secret working together as a team is really hard. and it’s only amplified by the modern business environment in which successfully driving a group of people towards a common goal is needed to at least compete, let a lone flourish.

Somehow we’ve spent decades over-complicating team collaboration, creating an illusion that our teams are well-oiled machines geared for productivity. The sad reality is your team is likely suffering from:

`If these scenarios sound familiar, your team needs help, and we have the answer. But don’t just take our word for it.

Collaboration Best Practices from Atlassian and HubSpot

Watch representatives from Atlassian and special guest, HubSpot, share how Confluence and Hipchat, team collaboration and group chat software, have helped real teams work better together and rediscover their productivity.

  1. Introductions and Background
  2. Confluence @ Atlassian (0:06:00) – Ryan Anderson, Product Marketing Specialist, shares how the Atlassian marketing team utilized Confluence to plan and collaborate around the production of the You Waste A Lot of Time At Work infographic.
  3. Hipchat @ Atlassian (0:24:00) – Pete Curley, co-founder and UX Designer of Hipchat, shares how the his team used their own product to develop Hipchat prior to their acquisition by Atlassian.
  4. Confluence and Hipchat @ HubSpot (0:32:00) – Christopher O’Donnell, Director of Product Management at HubSpot, shares how over 400 employees use Confluence and Hipchat to reduce email, avoid pointless meetings, and prevent trivial interruptions.

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