Jira Service Desk is the fastest growing product in Atlassian history, and we only started two years ago. The rocket ship we’re riding is amazing.

We get out of bed every morning, ready to continue crafting software that IT teams actually like to use. We want customers to feel at home and live up to the high standards set by Jira. And we don’t want all this to cost you a bazillion dollars.

Based on a report that just came out, it seems we’re on the right track.

Voted one of the best service desks in class by G2 Crowd

A short while back, Jira Service Desk was named a leader by G2 Crowd, in their Service Desk product category. We’re beyond humbled that our handwork is already being recognized by an industry leader – I mean, we’re only a toddler in human years!


So, what does this mean?

The Grid℠, created from G2 Crowd’s software reviews, is based on the following criteria:

  • Platform
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Vendor market presence

The Summer 2015 report is based on more than 240 reviews written by business and customer service professionals. They voted based on experience, cost, support, and impact. Across the board, our reviews were stellar. Support from the community means the world to us. We work so hard to create products that make people happy, and make their lives easier. To see folks return the love back to us is huge.

Learning from our past

When we introduced Jira Service Desk at Summit 2013, we got a lot of sh*t. Customers were not thrilled that we followed Atlassian’s user based add-on pricing. Instead you wanted an agent-based pricing. 

We listened to your feedback, and with the cooperation of 10 teams and over 100 Atlassians, we launched Jira Service Desk 2.0 at Summit 2014 with its agent-based pricing.  We only charge $10/month for up to three agents, and an unlimited number of customers can use it. Yes: that means whether you serve 100 or 100,000 of them, customers seats are free.

Jira Service Desk was now officially on its feet.

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Where we are today

Fast forward six months. Jira Service Desk topped the charts at Europe’s premier ITSM show.

The SITS Conference in London was a huge experience for us. We met a ton of competitors, made a lot of friends, talked to industry folks, and chatted with everyone willing to come by for a free t-shirt. We left the SITS conference feeling great, but we had no idea how much of that love was mutual.

Based on customer reviews collected by the ITSM Review team at SITS conference, we were ranked the top ITSM tool among 17 other vendors in categories including customer service, value and overall satisfaction. We couldn’t be more thrilled.

Using Jira Service Desk and want to give some more feedback? File a ticket with us. Want to tell the world how awesome Jira Service Desk is? Write up a review today.

Muchas gracias, merci, danke, grazie, arigato, and thanks to our customers

But in the end, there’s absolutely no way we’d be here without all of our Jira Service Desk customers – yes, that’s YOU. Because of your continued support, we’re building awesome new things for you every day. Best part? This is only the beginning.

We’re committed to bringing features that help streamline your workday, and let you get home a little faster. If you love Jira, and you’re on the fence — come on over, the water is fine. We’ve got solutions to your service desk needs. If you’re cruising the web and stumbled upon this blog, awesome. We’re glad to meet you, give Jira Service Desk a try with a free trial. 


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