Last week I spent a fair amount of time running between JavaOne and Summit, and on one of those runs I had the good fortune to meet Paul Perrone, head of Perrone Robotics and Project Manager on the LincVolt.
The LincVolt is a project pioneered by Neil Young and it’s his goal to turn his 1959 Lincoln Continental into a green car. They’re converting it to an electric vehicle, have thrown a bunch of technology into the car (some part of it are now powered by Java) and the goal is to get it to 100mpg. Currently it’s at 85 mpg.
Well, interestingly enough, they are doing all the project management for the vehicle using Jira and Paul came over to tell me that Neil Young uses Jira all the time and loves it (I think my jaw fell on the floor at this point).
Anyhow, Mark and I ended up shooting some great footage of the car as well as interviewing Paul. You’ve just got to see how cool this car is and I promise we’ll get that up on Atlassian TV before long.
Neil Young loves Jira, whodda thunk it?
But that got me thinking. If LincVolt is using Jira in this totally awesome, eco friendly way, what are our other customer doing with our products? We already know that EarthHour has been using Confluence to coordinate their staff to get over 1 billion people to turn off their lights. Surely there are other great stories out there.
That’s where you come in.
I’d love to hear your stories, what interesting things you may be up to with any of the Atlassian products. Maybe you’re not making a green car, but perhaps you use one of our dev tools on a cool open source project or use Jira to manage your son’s little league team. I’ll be posting those stories here on our News Blog as they roll in and will even throw in some cool Atlassian shwag for the first 25 people to participate.
Email me with all your great stories at lkhalil [at] atlassian [dot] com

Jira Rocks the LincVolt!