We’re excited to bring you Jira 5.1, available for download today! You’ve got a need for speed, and your issue tracker just got a whole lot faster. Everything you need from Jira is quicker than ever before!

  • Faster feedback loop
  • Faster interactions
  • Faster application response times

Why does speed matter?

Building software that delights end users is difficult. Soliciting feedback early and often is critical for development teams to ensure important details don’t get lost.

The most valuable feedback for software developers is captured at the moment there is an impulse to provide it. Your customers want you to know what they need, and you’ll get more (and better) feedback if there is an easy path to submit it. Remove the barriers for your customers by giving them a simple form with just the right prompt. Set your development team up for success and show your customer that you care about their input.

It isn’t your job to create issues – it’s your job to make sure things get done. Jira Issue Collector makes it faster than ever for you to capture feedback, and easier for the people that need to submit it.

Incorporate people from outside the team into the software development process: the Issue Collector lets you bypass the middle-man (or middle-system) and get the feedback you need directly in Jira, right where your development team is already working. Here’s how it works: 

  • Set one up in a few simple steps
  • Configure with any fields you like
  • Issues go in the project you choose
  • HTML or JavaScript line you add to any web page or web app
  • You’ve enabled others to create items on your website!

You can use the Issue Collector in many other ways, such as with an internal testing team or on a commonly-used Confluence page. Set up Issue Collectors anywhere, such as a web pages your team visits often before creating issues. If you’re already logged in, Jira will capture your username.

The Jira Experience

An issue tracker that makes it easy and quick to get back to what you need to do – you know, your actual job – is the developer’s best friend.

The core of the issue tracker experience is creating and working with issues, so we did some analysis while planning Jira 5.1. We found that the majority of edits on issues involve just a single field change, so Jira 5.1 introduces in-line edits for issue fields.

Inline editing works for all types of Jira fields, even with fields that come from plugins.

The best part of in-line editing is so quick, you’ll probably miss it: all inline edits, comments, issue operations and transitions now happen without page reloads.

It works even faster with keyboard shortcuts. Typing “,” will allow you to pick any field to edit without ever touching your mouse.

Speed at Scale

Jira 5.1 isn’t just faster for the individual. Atlassian understands the needs of large development teams, and no matter how big you plan to grow, Atlassian is going there with you! We know that teams grow in many different ways, so we’re providing you with more information on how to scale large Jira instances effectively in your organization.

A big focus in Jira 5.1 has been our continued work on performance and scale. The efforts of Atlassian’s two new performance-focused development teams have given Jira big results so far, most noticeably a 40% increase in throughput when comparing Jira 5.1 over Jira 4.4.

Jira 5.1 scales better, too: Jira 5.1 performs at the same level with 2.5 times as many issues as Jira 4.4!

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Announcing Jira 5.1 – the Fastest Jira Yet...