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The kind guys at JAX, the premier Java, Architecture & Agile experience, recently nominated Atlassian for their ‘Most Innovative Java Company’ award, which will be handed out at their upcoming conference from June 20-23 in San Jose, CA. However tough the competition may be, the JAX peeps have already pretty much nailed the reasons to vote for us on their voting page. Surely that should get anyone pointing their mouse button towards our company, but if that’s not enough, through this blog we’d like to give you that last nudge towards confirming we’re the one for the prize:

We introduced “causium”
For startups, freemium is the new black. However, we decided to take a different road and, rather than giving out a free, watered-down version of our tools, we sold a fully-featured version for just $10… and every dime went to charity. We called it “causium,” a mash up of cause marketing and freemium, and to date we’ve raised in excess of $1 million bucks for Room to Read.

We’re the first java company to perform a musical
How innovative can you be: if you weren’t there at our recent Atlassian Summit in San Francisco, you missed the premiere of our soon-to-be award winning musical “Summit Nights”. It cost blood, sweat and tears (and quite some laughs) to put this act together, but we’re confident that you’ll enjoy watching it as much as we loved performing it.

We are simply a pretty good company
Not only JAX but several other companies, press and institutes have recently recognized Atlassian’s products, innovative business model and as a great place to work. If you haven’t already, we summed it all up for you here.

Ready to vote? Press the link in this blog to vote Atlassian for ‘Most Innovative Company’. Voting goes on until 21 June, so make sure you pass this on to your co-workers, friends and families! 

JAX Innovation Awards: vote for Atlassian!...