With the December holidays around the corner it felt like a good time for a blog roundup. These are just some of the posts that have appeared on all of Atlassian’s many blogs.
Sneak Peek: Sexy side-by-side diffs. A little while ago during one of our ShipIt competitions (where everyone is given a day and a half to deliver whatever they want) Nic Venegas won with a rich side-by-side diff viewer. Well, it finally made it onto Fisheye’s backlog and the first cut just went out in the first internal milestone of Fisheye 2.2. Read more.
Welcome to Plugins Studio! Good news, everyone: the migration to PStudio is complete! It took about twice as long as we had estimated, so we’re right on schedule (in engineering-time). Read more.
Atlassian Summit 2010. Two blogs here. First, we announced our call-for-speakers. Got an interesting case study or integration story to tell? Lean how you can submit your speaking abstract. For Atlassian’s partners and companies that have complementary products, we wrote a blog about how you can sponsor Summit 2010.
How our Sales Engineers use Jira for Project Management. Jira is awesome for task tracking and project management. We’ve made some recent improvements to one of our Jira Projects so the Sales Engineer team can better track their time spent. Read more.
OpenSocial Gadgets enter Jira Studio. For the last year and a half, been working on the Atlassian Gadgets framework that provides support for drag-and-drop dashboards and OpenSocial Gadgets in Jira 4.0, Confluence 3.1, and other Atlassian applications. Now that Jira Studio 2.0 has been released including Jira 4 and the new OpenSocial Gadgets dashboard, we’re able to get in on the gadgety goodness. Read more.
Cash for Clunkers, Confluence edition – and the winners are…. Just after the launch of Confluence 3.1 earlier this month we began sifting through all the awesome submissions for Cash For Clunkers, Confluence edition. Over the past month we accepted over 150 clunker trade-ins, and each one was entertaining to read. Read more.
(Case Study) Interspire: going Scrum improves dev speed 30-40%. In just 8 months, Interspire purchased five of our tools and improved their development speed a whopping 30-40%! It goes without saying that it’s a story we needed to share. Read more.
Those weren’t the only blogs we wrote in the last 2 weeks. You can follow all our antics by subscribing to the different blogs.

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It’s a holiday blog roundup!...