The Confluence editor has come along way since it’s humble beginnings in 2004. With features like drag-and-drop file sharing, autocomplete linking, and autoconvert for rich content, I’m constantly blown away by what I can do when creating and editing content in my web browser. Today it gets better.

Add, apply, move. You’re in control.

Page Layouts make it easy to create engaging, readable content to share with your team in Confluence. Columns, headers, footers, and sidebars – the choice is yours. With the release of Confluence 4.2 we made it possible to add a single section to a page with its own column layout. Now you can add as many sections as you like, each with their own column layout. It’s really easy to manage the structure of your page by moving sections up and down in a single click.


What you see is what you get. Really.

Page layouts are perfect for structuring team home pages.


They’re also great for structuring your project plans.


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Introducing Page Layouts 2.0: One page, unlimited layouts