Update: There have been many improvements to our Pivotal Tracker importer. You can find them all at the Pivotal Tracker import documentation.

The Jira development team has been releasing iterative improvements to the external data importers for several months. In time for Jira 4.4, the team has finished three new importers, including Pivotal Tracker! The plugin is bundled in Jira 4.3+, so check the Plugin Manager for the latest update, or visit the Jira Importers plugin page.


The Pivotal Tracker importer couldn’t be simpler to use, and all your data will be migrated over. It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Enter Tracker username and password

PT user pass.png2. Select the projects to import

PT projects.png3. The Jira Importer does the rest!

PT imported.png

and what do you get?

All your project data, attachments, time tracking, custom fields, workflow, comments (with formatting), and everything else is migrated over.

PT-Jira issue.png

We’d love your feedback

If you’ve ever used the Jira importer – new or old – we would love to hear your feedback! Answer this short, 3 question importer survey and be entered to win one of our famous Angry Nerds t-shirts!

Using a different tool?

Jira 4.3 and upcoming 4.4 will be bundled with importers to migrate from six external data sources!

  • Bugzilla 2.20 to 3.6.3
  • Mantis 1.1.8 to 1.2.4
  • Fogbugz Hosted and on-premises 7.3.6 to 8.2.27
  • Pivotal Tracker (hosted)
  • Trac 0.12.2
  • CSV files



Jira Importers Plugin now supports Pivotal Tracker...