I don’t really know what Atlassian looks like from the outside, but from the inside, it feels like a rocket – whooshing forward day-by-day to the great unknown. I’ve been here for nearly four years now, and it still feels exactly the same. Each day a huge burst of incredible energy and excitement and challenge and opportunity.

In 2002, Enron collapsed, US president W. declared a new “axis of evil,” the top search terms in Google were “spiderman” and “shakira,” (oddly, two popular terms in the past year as well), and a colorful new currency, the euro, finally materialized. The dot com era was officially dead, and Web 2.0 wasn’t even a thing. “Social” was something you did after work.

It was also the year we started our little company, and 10 years later – almost to the day – we’re still as excited as ever to change the world by helping product teams build great software faster.  And it just keeps getting better.

Just last week we released Jira 5 – the most significant release of Jira yet. And we’ve got lots of great stuff in front of us. Despite our public appearance, success has not come effortlessly. It’s entirely due to the incredibly hard work of hundreds of people, our customers included, who helped make Atlassian a special company.

It wouldn’t be an Atlassian anniversary if there wasn’t something wearable to go with it. We’ve made a few limited-edition 10-year anniversary shirts, which you can have for free by liking our 10-year anniversary post on our Facebook page.

Here’s to all of our customers, our amazing ecosystem of Experts and plugin partners, and to everyone who has been part of this incredible trip. The first ten is a baby step forward on a long journey to build the next great enterprise software company. Here’s to the next ten, and the many tens after.

Happy Birthday Atlassian!

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