This guest blog is from Atlassian Expert and user group sponsor Brian Nunnery of Praecipio Consulting. Brian is an extremely active and important member of our community, which Atlassian considers family. Brian and his team sponsor all three Texas AUGs and are a vital part of their success.  

Brian Nunnery


It has already been a year since Austin’s first Atlassian User Group. It seems like just yesterday when I stood inside Scholz Garten, Austin’s oldest business, with an Atlassian logo projected on the wall and wondered if anyone would walk in the door.

As it turns out, Austin is home to many Atlassian enthusiasts – folks who love Atlassian tools enough to strategize with other users and spread the word about awesome software. The fact that such an organic community even exists speaks volumes about Jira, Confluence, Bamboo, and the rest of Atlassian’s suite. It’s not typical for friends to gush to each other about issue tracking software – with Atlassian tools, it’s different. Users at all levels seem to care about the tools, particularly because of the integration capabilities and open source platforms. Normally, software developers work to ensure their software will (a) offer a helpful and attractive solution to users and (b) satisfy users with a solution that works. But making users care? That’s something that can’t be asked for or expected by a developer. It happens when software is great enough to inspire its users to not only recommend, but champion for.

Atlassian software’s broad capabilities and ease of use have incited users to spread the word, which has naturally cultivated an informal community of “Atlassians” who appreciate the beauty and luxury of having no source code restraints.

In the past year, the Austin Atlassian User Group has cultivated creativity by gathering like-minded Atlassian enthusiasts in an open forum, of course with plenty of free beer and snacks! Over the past seven meetings we’ve encouraged productive conversations about ways to creatively apply Atlassian software to different use cases and delving deep into the myriad of ways to leverage Atlassian tools for project management and development lifecycles. Along the way we’ve met many new folks and nurtured a core group of attendees. It has been great getting to know and learn from everyone along the way. The opportunity to hear from other users about tips, struggles, interests, and amazingly creative uses of Atlassian software outside of organizational context is helpful and stimulating!

If you are in Austin this weekend, make sure to come to Sunday night’s user group on The Upper Decks‘ rooftop deck! Free drinks, great swag, useful content, and great company welcome you.

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