We’ve been listening to your feedback on the Rapid Board for Scrum features over the past few weeks – it has been constructive feedback, so please keep it coming. We have also received some very encouraging feedback:

Love the new Rapid Board and the ability to use JQL to define the swim lanes. It is an awesome asset to our process. – Brad Jones, Flurry

The new Rapid View is a splendid tool for daily work as well as long term planning. – Mikael Rask, Com Hem

The development of GreenHopper is – surprise, surprise! – an iterative process. We are responding to customer feedback and building the highest valued features first. While Scrum for Rapid Board is still in Labs we are encouraging you and your teams to try it out and provide feedback via the Give GreenHopper Feedback! button.

What’s new in GreenHopper 5.9?

GreenHopper 5.9 includes more great features for Scrum teams, including:

  • story point burndown chart for the current sprint enables the team to identify how they are progressing, and make corrections mid-sprint if they have over- or under-committed.
  • The total Story Point estimate is shown on the sprint marker. The marker updates the Story Point estimate for the sprint as you drag it, helping you identify the stories that the team will complete in the coming sprint.
  • Planning for the next sprint can now begin while the current sprint is still in progress. This allows a product owner to order the backlog and get a draft ready for the next sprint planning session.
  • Specify start and end dates for a sprint as well as naming the sprint

See GreenHopper 5.9 in action

Below is a short video to show you how simple it is for a Scrum team to get started with GreenHopper:

Get GreenHopper 5.9 today!

GreenHopper 5.9 requires Jira 5.0Download Jira 5.0 today to get your upgrade started. You can then upgrade GreenHopper via Administration -> Plugins.

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GreenHopper 5.9 available today