inno2010_blue.pngEver since releasing our Starter Licenses ($10 versions of our products, priced with startups in mind) we have sponsored several startup events — from the Startup Bus to Startup Weekend, and we even ran our own startup event last June, Starter Day. By providing software for startups and small teams, we’ve been hoping to facilitate a little more innovation. With this in mind, now we’re sponsors of Innovate 100 and we’re giving away 2 free tickets to the Los Angeles event later this month.

Innovate 100 is billed as “a global program to identify and promote up-and-coming technology and communications startups” but to be clear: it ain’t your mother’s pitch slam. Startups throughout the world will strut their stuff on stage to score points with the judges for a shot at being named to the Innovate 100 list.

The event, produced by Chris Shipley (better known for her work on DEMO) and Guidewire Group, has a different twist than other startup events. Participants at Innovate 100 will be judged against the G/Score, a new standardized set of criteria developed by Shipley and the Guidewire Group for evaluating a startup’s business model. Innovate! is accepting applications for Pitch Slam events in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Boston and Austin, so get your applications in today.

How to get tickets to the event
Win 2 free passes to Innovate 100 Los Angeles. Estimated value: $98 + a lifetime of memories. Here’s how to win: send us a photo of you wearing an Atlassian t-shirt. Don’t have a t-shirt? That’s why there’s PhotoShop. Yes, we accept doctored photos as well.
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