The Android market is rapidly increasing, being one of the most popular platforms, not only for customers, but also as a platform for developers to create their apps. Just few numbers:

  • Google Play just hit 25 billion downloads in total (15 billion downloads in the last year)
  • over 670,000 applications available on Google Play
  • over 100’000 registered developers on Google Play
  • over 500 million activations of Android devices, 1.3 million being added every day

Taking into account this rapidly increasing popularity we have decided to take one of our ShipIt prototypes, make some polishing and bug fixing and publish it as an alpha version of the…

Clover-for-Android Plugin for Eclipse!

It offers you an Eclipse IDE where:

  • you can integrate your Android projects written in Java with Clover in just a few clicks,
  • you can get code coverage from unit test execution as well as from manual tests – both from emulator and real devices,
  • you can explore results and focus on most important code sections using Clover’s fantastic reports like Coverage Explorer, Test Run Explorer, Clover Dashboard, Cloud Map, Tree Map
  • you can export HTML / XML / PDF reports.

Feel free to try it! We’re waiting for your feedback!

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