Once in a generation, there comes along a technology that revolutionizes the way we work, the way we play, the way we see the world. No it’s not the iPod, not the iPhone, not iAnything. Of course I’m talking about Cornify, a new service that offers unicorns & rainbows on-demand. Atlassian wholeheartedly embraces the web way of working so we’ll be damned if we’re left behind by this quantum leap in the web’s evolution. That’s why we integrated Confluence, the world’s most popular enterprise wiki with Cornify, the world’s #1 unicorn and rainbow service.

If YOU don’t want to be left behind, watch this video on how to create a Cornify user macro for Confluence. WARNING: Once you experience the sparkle of Cornify, you’ll never look at another web site the same way again. There is no climbing back out of the rabbit hole.

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