Simon posts a terrific article about driving Confluence adoption in his consulting firm. There are some really good tips in here about the techniques he’s used to introduce his colleagues to the wiki. Many suggestions are similar to ones you’ll find in the WikiPatterns site.
My favourite tip is:

Set up WebDAV – it is a total killer. In confluence you can save attachments to webdav if the proper plugin is installed. Make sure to map a windows web folder on everyone’s desktop so they can save files into the wiki. Now this has proven to be the most useful entry barrier we have lowered. People can update wiki attachments without knowing it! Let your key people decide what content goes up and make sure the rest has the windows web folders mapped to the right place. Sooner or later everyone’s going to build the mental bridge between the wiki page structure and the good old shared folder. It still feels like a shared drive yet it feeds into the new wiki crowd. You gotta love WebDAV.

Confluence adoption in the trenches