Winner: The Best “Old School” Wallboard

Congratulations to Sarah Park from GLiNTECH for submitting the Best “Old School” Wallboard in the Ultimate Wallboard contest.  Similar to the Community Favourite Wallboard competition, this battle was fierce.  The first round of voting by our panel of wallboard experts came down to a four-way tie between the entries from GLiNTECH, Intunity, Embotics and Telegraph Media.  Even the run-off voting was tight, but in the end, the GLiNTECH Clothesline Wallboard stood apart from the rest.

For having the best “old school” wallboard, Sarah wins a new 40″ HDTV and a Mac Mini in order to add a digital wallboard to GLiNTECH’s current information radiator.

The GLiNTECH Clothesline Wallboard

This wallboard gives GLiNTECH an easy to read progress overview.
It uses a simple ticket system where details are provided for all user stories in a
sprint as well as the tasks to implement each story. Markers are used to indicate who is working on which ticket.

“I love the clothesline metaphor, and for what it tracks I think the presentation of project status is the easiest to read at a glance of all of the old school entries.” – Dick Wall

According to Sarah, they converted it into a ‘clothesline’ wallboard for
fun, and to make the movement of the tickets from the ‘backlog’
into ‘in-progress’ & ‘complete’ easy for managers to see:


“I love this idea! The clotheslines are really clever, as are the stories represented as clothing. Agile pushes metaphors of systems – what a clever way to do it! And practical too.” – Mike Cannon-Brookes

Honourable mentions

Not only was the judging close for the Best “Old School” Wallboard category, it was incredibly diverse.  Many of the judges backed completely different entries for their own unique reasons.

Here is a sampling of some of the judge’s favourite submissions that barely missed out the top prize:

The Shirt Board from Telegraph Media

This wallboard categorise User Stories in terms of their a) importance to the business
on the vertical axis and b) complexity to deliver on the horizontal
axis, using T-shirt sizes (s, m, l, xl) to estimate each axis.

“Ingenious use of visualization to communicate risk information while doubling as a collaborative working tool.” – David J. Anderson


This ever evolving Scrum wall shows nearly everything from backlogs and work in progress to burndowns and retrospective items. The sheer scale is quite impressive.

“You have to love a wallboard that needs a step ladder.” – Dick Wall


This information radiator combines printed sticky notes (from Jira), avatars, a whiteboard, and helpful agile hints.

“Another classic whiteboard wallboard – but I love the agile “help” tips printed onto the board, such as user story description, agile manifesto etc. Useful helpful reminders for team members during standups” – Mike Cannon-Brookes

Multi-team Product and Release Status

This dashboard shows quarterly release data (majors, minors, patches)
across teams. The wallboard is complimented with build status (notice the siren).

“I was looking for an example that uses colors, sizes, additional annotations. I like with this one that the release is visible, not just the iteration, the colors map to importance, the timeline is visible.” – Alistair Cockburn

$10 Wallboard

This simple yet effective board is a 3 fold board so it is easily
movable to management or conference rooms to view the status of the

“Lots of information shown in multiple dimensions including columns for module types, colors of ink for front/back end… Highly effective and simple design.” – David J. Anderson

And the Ultimate Wallboard winner..

.. will be announced soon! Stay tuned to the Atlassian News Blog for the announcement of the Ultimate Wallboard winner.

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