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If you need one more teaser, take our ‘Our Reading List’. It highlights a few of the sites and blogs we share around the office*. Here’s Our Reading List from April’s issue:

* Cycle Gap shares an anecdote from Guy Steele about pair programming with Stallman back at MIT.
* Meet Atlassian staff in Interview with an Atlassian Nerdherder and Inside a Wiki Evangelist’s Mind.
* Take part in a Shutdown Day, the largest global experiment.
* Michael Tokar’s story of solving a Jira support issue in Beware of Hash Cookies.
* This must have been a fun challenge: Super Mario in 14kB Javascript.
* Lifehacker shares some ways to Go Green with your Computer.

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*Disclaimer: not all entries are related to Atlassian. In fact, Our Reading List is often quite a random collection of links. Now that I mention that, our blogs aren’t always related to Atlassian either. Hmm…

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