Atlassian is growing at an amazing rate and it’s awesome to be a part of our legendary Support team. Day in and day out we get a thrill by solving problems and ensuring that we’re able to help our customers get the best out of Atlassian’s products. But the Atlassian support team is much more than your standard team. Here’s why!

We Live Our Values

Atlassian as a company has a group of core values that you may have heard of. In Atlassian Support, we wanted to take this one step further. We wanted to have an additional set of values that resonated with our team. Based on Tribal Leadership we came up with our Noble Cause: Make our customers awesome! We do this by living our values:

  • Challenge Yourself, Challenge Each Other
  • Take Responsibility
  • Love What You Do
  • Fix The Damn Thing

These values drive us in everything we do as a Support team.

We Innovate

Atlassian Support promotes innovation! We want to be able to find new and creative ways to serve our customers. Just some of the ways that we innovate include:

  • Our new Answers community, which was launched and is maintained by members of our Support team.
  • We want customers to Tweet Their Support Experience so we can know how we’re doing.
  • We bundle plugins with our products that allow customers to solve their issues without having to contact us in the first place.
  • We’ve written a robot, Hercules, to help us assist our customers when they reach out to us.
  • We encourage Support Engineers to run with their ideas and be the change they seek.

At Atlassian Support we constantly look for ways to innovate and improve our processes and efficiency.

We Work As a Team

Atlassian Support isn’t your typical support gig. From your first day on the team, you’ll understand that we do things a bit differently around here:

  • We’re a globally distributed team which allows us to collaborate with team members from different cultures around the world. We have offices in some of the most appealing cities in the world – the sun never sleeps on support. We’re constantly communicating via chats, on blogs, via video conference etc. There’s an exciting international vibe in our team.
  • We understand that we’re growing at a rapid rate, and are working on creative ways for our team to scale to serve our customers.
  • We aim to be proactive. Try to understand and tackle problems before they become apparent by creating Knowledge Base articles and ensuring we have coverage when engineers are offline.
  • We provide paths for growth for each team member. Whether it be a technical or management role, Atlassian wants each Support Engineer to be the best at what they do.
  • We encourage engineers to participate in secondment programs that allow them to work in other regional offices for 3 months.


We Have Fun

Internally we like to think that the Atlassian Support Team has the most fun in the company!

We’re Hiring!

Does this sound like the kind of environment that you would thrive in? We’re looking for people to join our team! We have openings in San Francisco, Sydney and Amsterdam.

Do you know of someone who would be a good fit for Atlassian Support? If you refer them you receive a free flight to any of our offices or $2000 cash! Be sure to see our Refer-a-mate program for more information.

Have any questions about the role? Don’t hesitate to e-mail dhansen (at) atlassian (dot) com or ask on Twitter – @dillyh.

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