Customers, friends, coders! You’ve read our blogs, built on our code, and now, we’d like to meet you. I wanted to let you know about Atlassian’s worldwide user conference – Atlassian Summit. The Summit will be hosted in San Francisco from May 31st to June 2nd, and Atlassian would like to extend an invitation to all of you.
As an Atlassian developer, I hope you can attend this landmark event: not just to learn how to improve the use of our products in an agile environment, or how to build a plugin, but to also give us feedback on your experiences with Atlassian. It’s one thing to get your comments in Jira and on our forums, but it’s an entirely different experience to interact face to face, in real life, mano-a-mano. More than a dozen of us developers and all the product managers will be there to help you learn and collaborate with the Atlassian community.
The conference will be broken down into three tracks: Collaboration, Developer Tools, and Plugins & APIs.

  • Collaboration: This track focuses on Atlassian’s collaboration tools, and the role of collaboration in business and technical teams. Individual sessions will highlight best practices in deployment and adoption of Confluence and Jira, explore powerful capabilities you may not be familiar with in Atlassian products, discuss the best approaches to scale and performance tuning, and share roadmaps and feature previews of new releases.
  • Development Tools: This track focuses on how Atlassian’s products support the software development cycle and the technical teams involved in the development process. Individual sessions will highlight the advantages of peer code review and continuous integration, the ins-and-outs of testing and code coverage (Clover), agile development, the emergence of SaaS and cloud-based computing tools for developers, and share roadmaps and feature previews of new releases.
  • Plugins & APIs: If you attended AtlasCamp last month you will have an idea for what this track will cover. This track focuses on how to extend and built on top of Atlassian products. Individual sessions will explore the plugin architecture across products, provide instructive labs on writing plugins and using Atlassian APIs, and explain how to best connect Atlassian products together or with other technologies.

There’s a lot more detail on our news blog and on the Summit website. If you’ve got a case study you want to present, there’s a call for papers. If you’ve got something you’d like to see addressed at the Summit, please tell us and we’ll see what we can do.
Hope to see you there!

Atlassian Summit!