The second challenge to social media/enterprise 2.0 adoption that Sandy Kemsley cites has to do with the names of these tools, and the notion that we:

…feel a bit silly stating that we blog (as opposed to maintaining a reverse chronological online journal), or use a wiki (as opposed to a collaborative editing workspace). Seriously now, “blog”? “Wiki”? “Mashup”? Do we really expect stuffy enterprise executives to get past the names and see how the technology can impact their organization?

I don’t think the names are all that silly. There’s nothing exciting about “reverse chronological online journal” and in fact it sounds like something that a committee of stuffy people came up with.
Unique names provide an opening to ask “What is it?”. If I heard “collaborative editing workspace” that’s too generic for me to know it’s a new kind of tool, but if I heard “wiki” I’d ask, “What’s that?” There’s the opening for someone to explain it.

4 Challenges to Wiki Adoption in Organizations: #2...