Across the board, we’ve been delighted to see significant growth in the adoption of our Atlassian Cloud products. Did you know that over 75% of new customers start with a cloud deployment? Speed of implementation, ease of maintenance, and immediate access to the latest and greatest features are just some of the reasons driving this trend.

At the same time, we understand that larger customers – or those in highly-regulated industries – have a different set of requirements when it comes to running mission-critical applications in the cloud. We are committed to meeting those requirements with investment in R&D to enhance customer trust in our cloud offerings, deliver performance at scale, bring advanced administrative features, and provide industry-leading support.

Today, we’re excited to announce a big step forward in this journey with the launch of Identity Manager, an enhanced authentication solution for Atlassian Cloud products. Identity Manager is equipped with:

  • SAML single sign-on to help your IT team streamline identity management
  • Enforced two-step verification, so the right people get the right access
  • Password policies to ensure your company is using password best practices
  • Priority Cloud Support to help you resolve issues faster

Here’s how it works

A global view of all the users in your organization

More and more, we’re finding that Atlassian usage within a company starts within a single team and spreads across a business to all teams from engineering to marketing and even legal teams. We’re thrilled to serve a variety of different teams but we know that for the folks responsible for identity and security, this can mean managing several disparate sets of users. That’s why we’re introducing the concept of Organizations within every cloud version of Jira, Confluence and Stride. Organizations allow for a centralized view of all of the users using Atlassian cloud products within a company and the ability to do simple user management actions like viewing, editing and removing users at the organization level. Coupled with Identity Manager, Organizations become a lot more powerful as they allow site admins to make sweeping security enhancements across everyone in their organization. Can you hear the sigh of relief from your IT and security teams?

Built in single sign-on for streamlined identity management

Identity Manager enables admins to connect their Atlassian Cloud products directly to their identity provider, allowing secure authentication for their users. We integrate with a large number of popular providers like OneLogin, Okta, and Azure. Coupled with the power of organizations, admins can easily implement SAML single sign-on across every user in their organization, giving their whole company an additional layer of security in just a few clicks.

Administrative controls across your entire organization

As businesses scale, they require heightened administrative visibility and control to safeguard access to important applications and data. Identity Manager gives site admins the power to enforce two-step verification and administer stricter password policies across every user within their organization. Check the boxes for your IT, security, legal, and compliance teams so your company can scale with Atlassian products in the cloud.

Enhanced support for your cloud products

With Identity Manager, count on elevated levels of support to help speed resolutions and keep your business-critical systems running smoothly. Our dedicated round-the-world, round-the-clock support team will commit to one hour response times for critical issues and 1 business day for all other issues. What’s even better? Priority Cloud Support is eligible across all of the Atlassian Cloud products that you connect to Identity Manager.

An Early Access Program of Identity Manager is now available within Site Administration of your Jira, Confluence or Stride cloud products. Not a site administrator? Ask your site administrator if Identity Manager makes sense for your organization.

Learn more about Identity Manager


Identity Manager is just the beginning. Atlassian is investing in the cloud on many fronts. In May, we announced the expansion of our cloud infrastructure in Europe to improve performance and reduce latency. We’re also happy to announce that we are now SOC2, Type I compliant for Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket Cloud and are aggressively pursuing Type II compliance.

Introducing Identity Manager for Atlassian Cloud products