Just after this post goes live, I’ll take the stage in Barcelona for our first Atlassian Summit in Europe. I’m excited to talk about our plans for the future and share news about our global cloud expansion. We have tremendous innovation emerging across our Cloud, Server and Data Center product lines. Fueling it all is our mission to unleash the potential of all teams, which I believe is more important today than ever before.

Mike and I started Atlassian in Australia, thousands of miles away from the places and people we hoped to reach. I am awed and humbled to see our dream of empowering teams all over the world come to life. It’s a world that can feel pretty fragmented these days – with a complex workforce, scattered information, geo-political silos, a growing trust gap, and so much more. We believe teams are the way forward. They are the superheroes that can bridge these divides by creating, innovating, and affecting change like never before.

Our Atlassian team – including partners and customers – is truly global, and as we kick off our first Summit outside the U.S., it’s worth noting Europe’s special place for Atlassian. Europe has been at the center of Atlassian from the beginning, home to four of our first five customers. Today, Europe represents 40% of our Marketplace partners and accounts for nearly 40% of Atlassian’s revenue.

I’m excited to make a number of announcements that help us deliver more for you – our customer. These include the global expansion of our cloud infrastructure in Europe, the significant enhancements to how our products support DevOps, and how we’re delivering a beautifully redesigned UX across our products.

For those of you attending Summit in Barcelona, I hope you enjoy the conference and learn ways to help your team accomplish great things. And for those of you reading this elsewhere around the world, you can follow along with our live stream, and read our conference content, blog posts, and more.

Atlassian cloud infrastructure expands to Europe

Today, more than 75% of new Atlassian customers start with one of our cloud products, which means our cloud infrastructure must be up to the task. We are happy to announce that our cloud hosting infrastructure is going global, starting with the launch of a new European region in Ireland. After migration to this new infrastructure, our European cloud customers will experience improved performance and reduced latency.

We know data privacy, security, and compliance are extremely important to our customers, and we are investing heavily in all of these areas. To reinforce this effort, we’ve made a foundational change in our cloud platform over the last year and are now using AWS to host our services. This enables us to offer an increased variety of cloud deployment regions, with strong performance and local failover options.

But this is just a start. We’ll continue to add new cloud hosting regions around the world. If you are an existing Jira and Confluence cloud customer and you are interested in migrating your data to Europe, you can sign-up today.

Atlassian strengthens self-hosted product offerings

Our customers want deployment flexibility, and that’s why we provide both self-hosted and cloud-hosted options. Regardless of delivery preference – Server, Data Center, or Cloud – our goal is to deliver against the needs of our customers.

Large organizations often struggle to adopt DevOps because of certain challenges, but we want to provide the right tools and guidance to make it easier. A number of new features in Bitbucket Server, Data Center 5.0, and Bamboo 6.0 can help:

  • Bamboo Specs in Bamboo 6.0 modernizes enterprise software development by allowing Bamboo build plans to be configured as code. This gives developers more control over the development process, removing the need to involve other teams or switch between their code and their build systems.
  • Committer verification in Bitbucket Server and Data Center 5.0 addresses compliance requirements by enforcing that only the author of a commit can push changes back to the central repository. It also stores a log of code changes for audit purposes.
  • Smart mirror authentication caching in Bitbucket Data Center 5.0 provides global teams the ability to maintain mirror access by caching authentication credentials locally, in the event of short outages.

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We are also happy to announce that all of our major platforms are now available in Data Center editions. For enterprise organizations that need more control of their infrastructure, we believe that the additions of Hipchat and Crowd to the Data Center line-up will help in major ways.

  • Hipchat Data Center Public Beta: Many Atlassian customers use Hipchat Server as their self-hosted real-time communication tool. The launch of Hipchat Data Center, now available to all customers, provides uninterrupted, secure communications that can scale as teams grow.
  • Crowd Data Center Public Beta: Many of Atlassian’s largest customers already rely on Crowd as a central place for identity management. We’ve taken it one step further with our latest addition to the Atlassian Data Center family. Crowd Data Center, available later this month, provides improved integration with your current identity infrastructure. It offers high availability, ensuring that your team always has access to the tools they need to do their job.

Atlassian Marketplace surpasses $250M in lifetime sales

The way we work with our partner ecosystem reflects our belief in great teamwork. By collaborating with add-on vendors and technology partners, we are able to deliver awesome products that we couldn’t make alone. With the Atlassian Marketplace, teams are able to extend and customize Atlassian products to fit their precise needs. In fact, our developer ecosystem is one of the world’s largest and most successful enterprise marketplaces for powering teamwork.
At Summit Europe, we’re announcing new Marketplace milestones:

  • $250 million in cumulative sales for the Atlassian Marketplace since 2012 – $100 million of that in the last year alone
  • 3,000 add-ons available for our platform
  • 700 add-ons in the just last year

We will continue to invest in the tools, resources, and infrastructure to help our vendors gain even greater market traction.
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Atlassian Cloud launches a simplified and more powerful design experience

Responding to customer feedback is the cornerstone of our philosophy. We listened, and we’re taking action. Our customers want easier ways to get started with our products and onboard their teammates, and they want a simplified user experience across all of our products. We’re addressing this with the biggest change to our user interface to date, which we started introducing to our cloud customers just a few weeks ago.
We want to help teams become faster, smarter, and more efficient. To support this, we are rolling out a number of design improvements to simplify our products and make them easier and more powerful to use. We also want customers to pick up work right where they left off and keep going, regardless of product or device.
Some improvements include:

  • Streamlined navigation, so Jira users feel right at home when trying Confluence for the first time
  • Better “search” and “create” functionality
  • New colors and fonts
  • Better experiences across all devices – desktop, mobile, tablet

Bitbucket Cloud users were the first to experience the new design, and we expect to make more updates available to all cloud users soon.

Placing design at the forefront of product development marks the next big step in Atlassian’s journey to create the best possible user experience. We want our customers to love our products, and forge long-lasting connections with them.

The next Summit is fast approaching, and early bird passes are available. Come join us September 12-14, 2017 in San Jose, CA. Register now and read more about Atlassian Summit here.

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