At Atlassian Summit 2016, we announced that Data Center customers can now deploy their Jira Software and Bitbucket Data Center instances to Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) in just a few minutes with AWS’s Quick Starts. We’re now excited to announce that Jira Service Desk has joined the family! With AWS’s Quick Starts – powered by AWS CloudFormation templates for Atlassian – Jira Service Desk Data Center customers can now deploy their Data Center instance to AWS quickly and standardize on one reliable platform that scales seamlessly.

Deployment flexibility with AWS

We want to make managing and deploying Jira Service Desk Data Center easy, in the environment of your choice. More and more organizations are turning to infrastructure service providers for a cost effective and flexible alternative to hosting on traditional servers. In fact, the percentage of Atlassian instances in production on AWS doubled over the last three years. We’ve worked with AWS to develop Quick Starts – powered by AWS CloudFormation templates for Atlassian – so that customers can deploy their Jira Service Desk Data Center cluster in a few minutes, including load balancers, databases and all the connectivity needed.


These guides include configuration steps and best practices so that teams can take advantage of AWS’s elastic capabilities like auto-scaling and instant provisioning. These capabilities let you easily scale Data Center to meet growing demand. Need to bring on more teams? No problem. With AWS you can automatically scale your environment as user load changes without any disruption to work or manual intervention by administrators.

Serve your enterprise at scale

New to Jira Service Desk? Jira Service Desk is IT service management software used by more than 20,000 teams worldwide. Jira Service Desk Data Center is the self-hosted solution that gives you high availability and disaster recovery so no request goes unresolved.

  • Prevent service outages: in the event of unexpected hardware failure, active-active clustering ensures you don’t lose access.
  • Scale service delivery: feed hungry demand for service desks by increasing capacity instantly. Add extra node clusters without downtime or additional licensing fees.
  • Keep your data secure: ensure compliance with your enterprise IT, security, and privacy policies by securing your data behind the firewall.


With Jira Service Desk and AWS, customers now have the full power of Amazon’s hosting capabilities while helping them minimize infrastructure configurations and costs.

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