Atlassian Trust Center

We have launched our new Trust @ Atlassian site to make it easier to find the information you need to trust Atlassian products and cloud services.  We have Security at the heart of that trust relationship but also know that Quality, Availability, Privacy and Compliance are important.  We have detailed information about our Security program, including how we run our Security Management Program, updated Privacy information, and, for the first time, have published our Atlassian Transparency Report, providing information about government requests for user data.  We will continue to add information over time, including in-depth information on our Privacy program, our Compliance program and our Availability and Quality focus.

Cloud Security Alliance STAR submission

In early April, Atlassian completed the Cloud Security Alliance’s (CSA) Consensus Assessment Initiative Questionnaire (CAIQ).  This questionnaire includes responses for our Atlassian Cloud products (including Jira, Confluence and Bamboo) as well as Hipchat and Bitbucket. The submission details out our responses to the 16 domains of the Cloud Controls Matrix, over 300 questions about how to run our security program, our internal governance programs, and technical details about our cloud offerings.  We have completed this submission in support of our goal to Build Trust with Every Team.

Cloud Security Alliance corporate member

Atlassian is also very happy to announce we have joined the Cloud Security Alliance as a Corporate Member.  Atlassian supports the research and the guidance that the Cloud Security Alliance produces, and we look forward to contributing to that research.

Check out our new Trust Center and let us know what you think!

Atlassian, trust, and the Cloud Security Alliance...