Good communication gets tasks done more efficiently. Whether you’re collaborating with teams, writing reports for leadership, or conveying ideas to clients, clear and effective communication is your ticket to success.

We understand how crucial smooth communication is in modern workflows. That’s why we infused the magic of generative AI into our suite of tools. These AI editing features are designed to make writing and editing easier and more efficient across a range of Atlassian products, including Confluence, Jira, Bitbucket, and Trello. 

Our AI editing features offer a range of capabilities to enhance your collaboration experience. Whether you’re drafting a detailed document in Confluence or setting up a complex task in Jira, our AI is here to help you:

  • Tailor messaging
  • Suggest improvements
  • Catch writing mistakes 
  • Streamline workflows

We’re excited to help you communicate more effectively and efficiently. Curious to see what Atlassian Intelligence can do for you? Keep reading to learn more about AI editing capabilities. 

Better Editing with Generative AI

Generative AI offers more than just simple open-field prompts; it revolutionizes the editing experience by providing features that streamline the writing process and improve the quality of content.

Here’s how generative AI editing enhances Atlassian products: 

  • Versatile content creation: Users can generate content across various formats and styles, from project documentation to customer communications. AI assists in generating text that is coherent, relevant, and tailored to specific needs. 
  • Audience-specific writing: Generative AI analyzes the context and audience of the content being edited, providing suggestions and insights to help tailor the writing style and tone accordingly. Whether communicating with technical teams or non-technical stakeholders, AI assists in crafting messages that make sense to the intended audience. 
  • Clear and concise communication: With AI-powered editing features, users can improve the clarity and consciousness of their communication. AI offers suggestions for simplifying complex language, removing redundancies, and structuring information for better comprehension. 

Introducing New AI Editing Features

We’ve recently introduced several new AI editing features. Here’s what you can do: 

  • Reference other Confluence pages and Jira tickets in prompts: Now, you can easily link to other Confluence pages or Jira tickets when using AI prompts in Confluence and Jira editors. This feature helps you deeply contextualize your prompts, and keep your references organized and accessible, making connecting related information easier across projects.
  • AI summary and action items panel: A handy addition to any Confluence page, this feature provides an AI-generated summary or action items panel. As you update your page, the AI scans the content and suggests relevant summaries or action items. With just a click, you can update and refine these suggestions to keep your page fresh and informative.
  • (Beta) Translation across 23 languages: Language barriers are no longer a hurdle. With this new feature, you can translate content across 23 languages directly within Confluence. Whether collaborating with international teams or reaching a global audience, translation ensures that language differences don’t stand in the way of effective communication. 

Create and Summarize with Atlassian Intelligence

Atlassian Intelligence has continued to innovate with cutting-edge AI editing features to create and summarize content across Atlassian’s suite of products, supporting you in your workflow at as many touch points as possible. 

Let’s take a look at the full suite of capabilities:

AI Editing in Confluence

With the power of AI, you can quickly create, summarize, and analyze content within Confluence. Let’s see how this translates into real-world benefits:

  • Reference other Confluence pages and Jira tickets: This new feature helps contextualize prompts, making your content more comprehensive and ensuring better output. In your open-field AI prompt, you can link to relevant Confluence pages and tickets for AI to scan.
  • Create AI summaries and action items: This new feature scans Confluence pages for key points and can generate summaries, making it easier to grasp the main ideas and relevant information quickly. 
  • Generate content on a page: Need to create how-to articles, reports, campaign plans, or strategy pages quickly and efficiently? With open field prompting, AI empowers you to generate content directly on a page, streamlining the process and saving time.
  • Analyze existing information: AI’s ability to analyze existing content can help define action plans and items based on the information available. As you review your existing Confluence pages, AI can identify key points and suggest actionable steps to take. 

AI Editing in Jira

Atlassian Intelligence capabilities aren’t limited to Confluence! They also enhance Jira. These features are designed to streamline workflow, improve content, and optimize the overall user experience: 

  • Referencing other Jira tickets: As mentioned, this feature enhances the context of prompts in Jira, making creating and updating tickets with relevant information easier. Linking to Confluence pages and Jira tickets ensures all the necessary details are included. 
  • Speeding up writing user stories and ticket updates: Create detailed and well-structured user stories quickly, with AI suggesting relevant information and context from other sources. You can also ensure your tickets always remain up-to-date. AI helps you add necessary details, ensuring clarity and completeness in your updates. 
  • Generating suggestions: AI generates suggestions for removing dependencies and optimizing workflows. By analyzing existing data and patterns, AI can propose improvements that enhance efficiency and streamline processes to ensure a smoother project execution. 
  • Brainstorming edge cases: AI in Jira helps brainstorm potential issues and dependencies, helping teams identify and address edge cases. This feature ensures that users consider all possible scenarios and avoid overlooking critical aspects of a project.

AI Editing in Bitbucket

With Atlassian Intelligence AI-generated pull request descriptions, Bitbucket users can focus more on coding and less on documentation. This feature streamlines the review process and improves communication across teams.

Atlassian Intelligence in Bitbucket automatically generates pull request descriptions and summarizes code changes. This feature saves developers time and ensures that pull requests are clear and informative, making it easier to understand the changes. 

AI Editing in Trello

Integrating AI to brainstorm new ideas in Trello enhances team collaboration and creativity. AI-enhanced editing in Trello can assist teams in brainstorming by providing intelligent suggestions and prompts. Use AI for: 

  • Generating project ideas: AI can analyze existing boards, cards, and user inputs to suggest new project ideas. Whether you’re starting a new marketing campaign or planning a product launch, AI can provide relevant and innovative ideas to kickstart your project. 
  • Task suggestions: For ongoing projects, AI can recommend specific tasks based on the project’s goals and previous activities. 

Transforming and Translating Content

With AI editing, you can go beyond content creation and summarization; capabilities allow teams to transform and translate content across Confluence, Jira, and Bitbucket. 

These capabilities ensure your communication is clear, effective, and accessible to a global audience: 

  • Tone and writing quality adjustments: AI can adjust the tone of your content to fit various contexts. Whether you need a professional, empathetic, casual, neutral, or educational tone, AI can help tailor your writing for your audience and purpose. AI tools can also enhance overall writing by checking and correcting spelling, grammar, and consciousness. This process ensures your content is polished and easy to understand. 
  • (Beta) Translating across 23 languages: AI-powered translation capabilities allow you to translate content across 23 languages. This feature helps teams operate globally, ensuring language barriers don’t hinder collaboration and understanding. AI helps team members and stakeholders from different backgrounds comprehend content by providing accurate translations.

Incorporate Atlassian Intelligence Into Your Workflow

Atlassian’s AI editing tools offer a suite of features that enhance communication and collaboration across our products. By integrating Atlassian Intelligence advanced AI capabilities, these tools streamline content creation, ensure content fits your workflow, and tailor content to the intended audience. AI helps users produce high-quality content effortlessly, reducing time spent on editing and allowing teams to focus on their core tasks. 

AI can transform the way teams work together. Explore these AI capabilities in your workflows to experience the benefits for yourself. 

Using Atlassian Intelligence in the work place

Atlassian Intelligence is a powerful resource that can change how your company operates. When everyone knows how to use it and why it’s important, it creates a culture where people work better together. 

With Atlassian Intelligence, tasks become easier, and decisions become smarter with data-driven insights and automation. When everyone understands how Atlassian Intelligence fits the company’s goals, it can be integrated smoothly into everyday work, making teams and individuals more productive and efficient. 

Learn more about how Atlassian Intelligence works.

Harness the Power of AI Editing Across Atlassian Products