The wait is over – Jira Portfolio Cloud is here!

We’re excited to announce that Jira Portfolio is now available for Cloud! Since the launch of Jira Portfolio Server, we’ve been busy bees prepping the Cloud deployment behind the scenes, while working with lots of server customers to enhance the product. Here are some of the features we’ve built since then:

  1. Story point planning: plan based on point estimates and teams’ forecasted velocity
  2. Versions integration: manage cross-project releases by connecting Jira Portfolio to existing versions in Jira
  3. Visual dependency indicators: quickly see incoming and outgoing dependencies between your initiatives, epics, and stories

Oh, and let’s not forget the read-only permissions, completely revamped progress tracking, and usability improvements such as column resizing!

Need a refresher on what Jira Portfolio can do for you?

Easily plan across multiple projects and teams

Agile is centered around self-organizing teams, so when multiple agile teams work together, it becomes harder to track progress across the organization. Jira Portfolio allows you to aggregate the work from multiple agile teams and roll them up into larger initiatives, connecting your business strategy with development reality.

By combining your existing data in Jira with Jira Portfolio, you can:

  1. Instantly forecast realistic release dates
  2. Update your schedule in real time
  3. Get visibility on the status and progress across projects and teams
  4. Manage team availabilities and skill sets
  5. Keep track of business goals and resource investments

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