Your personal space is where you can publish your own Confluence pages and blogs. It’s different from a team space in that it’s titled with your name, so your teammates will know that any pages within this Space are directly related to your work. If you haven’t set up your own personal space in Confluence, it’s time that you did. Here are three ways to make the most of your personal space.

Draft your work in confidence

Everyone can see how an idea flows from strategy to execution

Sky Frostenson, Director of Technical Product Management, VSCO

Your personal space can act as a kind of virtual hard drive for your work. If you’re working on a project plan, for example, but it’s not quite ready for feedback, draft it in your personal space. When you’re ready to share with your teammates, click the “…” on the published page, then select Move to teleport the page to your team space. Really nervous about your colleagues seeing? Make it private by clicking the lock button in the top right and choosing “Only specific people can view or edit.” Reverse these permissions when your content is ready for the spotlight!

Share who you are and what you’re working on 

It’s the nature of knowledge work to be bombarded with requests from all over your organization. Many Confluence users find it helpful to maintain a list of their current projects on their personal space to communicate which projects they’re working on. That way, their priorities are clearly communicated to coworkers and managers who might otherwise pull them into other projects.

Plus, who doesn’t love to share a little about themselves? Your personal space overview is a great place for your teammates to get to know you.

Share knowledge with your team

Every Confluence personal space has a blog, so you can share personal news (“I just had a baby!”) or ways to improve products or processes. Personal blogging is a great way to stimulate work-related conversation, especially in a geographically dispersed organization.

If there’s something you need to know or want others to know, it goes on Confluence.

Katie Burke, Chief People Office, Hubspot

We love transparency across teams, and Personal Spaces are likely an underutilized tool in your toolbox. Personal spaces give you the confidence to draft your messy work in private so you can publish it whenever you are ready to position yourself as the true knowledge leader you are!


Three ways to get the most from your Confluence personal space