personal_space.pngYour personal space is where you can publish your own Confluence wiki pages and blog. If you haven’t set up your own personal space in Confluence, it’s time that you did. If that’s not convincing enough for you, below are Five ways to make the most of your personal space.

  1. Manage Personal Files – Turn your personal space into a virtual hard drive for storing work-related documents. Use attachments to save your important presentations, excel models and documents on your personal space. That way your files are backed up in the event of hard drive failure. And, if Confluence is configured to be accessed outside of your firewall, you can get to your files wherever you have Internet connectivity.
  2. Start a Personal Blog – Every Confluence personal space has a blog so that you can share personal news (like “I just had a baby!”) or brainstorm on ways to improve our products or processes. Personal blogging is a great way to stimulate work-related conversation, especially in a geographically-dispersed organisation.
  3. Share what you’re working on – It’s the nature of knowledge work to be bombarded with requests from all over the company. Many Confluence users find it helpful to maintain a list of their workload on their personal space to communicate which projects they’re working on. That way their priorities are clearly communicated to coworkers and managers who might otherwise pull them into other projects.
  4. Show that you’re an expert – Everyone is an expert at something. In trying economic times, it never hurts to remind everyone of all the invaluable knowledge and expertise they enjoy from your continued employment. Decide where your you’re an expert and create a section of your personal space with content that demonstrates your expertise
  5. Show that you’re a person – No one wants to work with a robot. Show coworkers that you’re a dynamic, well-rounded human being with a life outside of work (investment bankers excepted). The widget connector is a great way to bring personal content into you page, from the Youtube clip of your downhill unicycle club to the Flickr stream of your latest civil war reenactment. Just make sure your hobbies are SFW before sharing them:)
To get started on your personal space, check out our online documentation


Five Ways to get the Most From Your Confluence Personal Space