Atlassian Unlocks Git for the Enterprise


Aaron Forman

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., February 27, 2014

Atlassian, a leading enterprise software company, today announcedAtlassian Git Essentials, the first fully integrated development solution for Git. Atlassian Git Essentials is built to leverage the power of the company's award-winning JIRA issue management software and promises to radically reshape how developers work. It gives software development teams a unified interface to assemble previously silo'd information and actions across the entire development workflow - from issues and code-checkins to build status and project progress.

"For years, developers have had individually excellent tools to manage different portions of the development process, but little connectivity between them," said Stephen O'Grady, principal industry analyst with RedMonk. "Atlassian has targeted this problem directly, with the intent of providing a more complete, integrated development experience."

The new Atlassian Git Essentials solution includes the latest versions of Atlassian JIRA for issue management, JIRA Agilefor agile planning and development, Stash for enterprise Git source code management and Bamboo for continuous integration. Supported by a rich add-on ecosystem via the Atlassian Marketplaceand a global partner network offering enterprise support services, Atlassian Git Essentials is used by industry leaders including Boeing, Cisco Systems, LG Electronics, Planatir, Rakuten, Southwest Airlines, Starz Entertainment and Volkswagen, among others.

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“We’ve taken away many of the headaches that prevent development teams from getting software to their customers quickly,” said Eric Wittman, Atlassian’s general manager of the developer tools business unit. “Our goal is to optimize software development so that developers can spend their time writing awesome code and managers have critical insights needed to ensure on-time delivery.”

Atlassian Git Essentials is enterprise-ready right out of the box and contains numerous innovations not found in other Git offerings, including the ability to easily create a branch with a single click from a JIRA issue. Software development teams can quickly adopt structured Git workflows and take advantage of Git branching capabilities in a highly collaborative, secure, and performant environment.

"Switching to Git was one of the best technology changes we’ve recently made,” said Alex Holtz, senior software engineer, Orbitz Worldwide. “Git has allowed us to release an avalanche of tool improvements and increase automation across all our systems, improve developer satisfaction and collaboration and decrease our build times by more than 20 percent. Atlassian’s Stash plays a pivotal role in creating these enhancements, and when paired with the improved JIRA integration the value of both tools increases exponentially." 

Development Manager Heaven: One View with Real-time Status of Issues

Instead of storing information on a particular issue across multiple applications, with Atlassian Git Essentials, JIRA now provides development managers one source of truth for all relevant information associated with an issue. The JIRA development panel offers a detailed view of assigned tasks, ability to manage tasks and permissions, and insights into code under development and being tested. Team leads can easily see when builds fail, or when changes have not been merged, and make decisions accordingly.

"With JIRA's new integration into development tools, teams have one highly visible source of truth for all relevant information related to an issue - from its creation through to development, testing, and deployment," said Maurizio Mencini, director of Quality Assurance, YellowPages Group. "For everyone involved with building products in a fast-paced software development life cycle, Atlassian has added yet another capability to keep your teams ahead of the game." 

Fast Path to Standard Git Workflows

Standardized development processes are vital for any development teams adopting Git. When considering a move to Git, many struggle with deciding on and adopting a Git workflow that suits the team and project and can easily scale. Out of the box, Atlassian Git Essentials provides a simple story branch workflow, allowing developers to start a new stream of work with a single click from an issue in JIRA. Advanced software development teams can take advantage of the solution's extensibility to further customize their workflows and integrate with existing enterprise applications.


Atlassian offers a free 30-day trial of the Atlassian Git Essentials solution including Atlassian JIRA, JIRA Agile, Bamboo and either Stash or Bitbucket. A 100-seat license of the solution starts at $12,800 for on-site download or $600/month for hosted license via Atlassian OnDemand. For more information, go to

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