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Understanding Zero Trust Security: Why It Matters and Where To Start

Executive Summary

Across all industries and regions, sophisticated threats and regulatory compliance requirements have pushed the need for more advanced security tactics and tools. This poses a challenge for many organizations as security enhancements often can’t keep up with the pace of innovation. Effectively securing users and data has become increasingly complicated as the proliferation of cloud applications, devices, and user identities has become the norm for all organizations. To address these challenges, organizations need a scalable approach to workplace identity and access management (IAM).

Increasingly, organizations are taking a zero trust approach that provides greater flexibility and control to secure users and data across their entire cloud footprint. Implementing this strategy reduces error-prone processes, enforces security best practices, and improves user experience.

In this whitepaper, you'll learn:

The current state of workplace security and how a zero trust approach can help address these challenges

The primary principles of the zero trust security model and its application

How to implement a zero trust approach using people, process, and technology to strengthen your security posture