Productivity Tips for Teams

Join a discussion about team productivity with the folks at Trello. Learn how to work better together with tried-and-tested ideas for communication, team structure, goal setting and more.

Getting things done and being productive on your own is awesome, and feels great. If that effectiveness doesn’t translate to the rest of your team, however, then you’re only completing half the battle.

It’s time you learn how to put the “we” in productivity.

In this webinar, we break down team collaboration best practices into bite-sized tips that you can adopt within your own team, including:

  • Team Communication
  • Makers vs. Managers
  • Team Goal Setting
  • Team Retrospectives

We'll also suggest some of our favorite tools and boards to use! These processes and ideas come straight from our own teams at Trello.


Leah Ryder

Content Team Lead, Trello

When she's not perfecting her board workflow, she's writing about productivity, digital trends, and being a remote worker (on an island). Leah is based out of Victoria, BC, CA.

Lauren Moon

Content Manager, Trello

Lauren spends most of her time writing, learning to code, and curating fun Trello board backgrounds. Also pizza. Lauren is based out of NYC.