Workshop planner template

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Bring your team together by planning and leading an interactive workshop

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Workshop planner

Workshops are a great way to bring people together to learn, collaborate, and innovate. But they can be hard to get right. Use the workshop planner template to design your workshop ahead of time. Our template will help you develop an agenda that inspires creativity and participation while maintaining a focus on shared outcomes. 

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Step 1: Design workshop activities

Begin by deciding what you want to achieve during and after your interactive workshop. Then pick a workshop theme that best fits your goals. For example, a sales team could design a workshop where each participant shares techniques for cross-selling customers new products. Use the template to map out your goals and set expectations for workshop participants. Decide what the online or in-person workshop will be like for participants to exchange ideas, take notes, and collaborate on interactive activities. You should also decide which tools you’ll need to run the workshop, including sticky notes and Miro’s online whiteboards.

Step 2: Prepare for your workshop

To make sure your workshop runs smoothly, use the template to create an agenda. Set a schedule and describe how each activity should be conducted. Depending on the type of workshop you’re running, decide which icebreakers and activities you want your team to complete during the workshop to encourage collaboration and engagement. Share the template with participants and add any materials your team needs to review before the workshop. Encourage your team to post comments and questions ahead of your workshop, so they’ll have all the information they need when it’s time to collaborate.

Step 2: Prepare for your workshop

Step 3: Make a post-workshop plan

As you lead your workshop, jot down notes and track open questions on the template. Then organize your notes into issues once your workshop’s completed. You can use the @ function to tag workshop participants and assign follow-up tasks.

Save time documenting results and ideas following an in-person workshop by automatically digitizing your physical sticky notes with Miro’s stickies capture.

Step 3: Make a post-workshop plan

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