The new Jira begins now

We're reimagining Jira Software Cloud for the future of software development with a brand new experience. Join Jira's Head of Product and Head of Product Marketing for an end-to-end demo of the new Jira experience along with best practices and trends that shaped the product.

Over the past year, we've shipped dozens of new features into a brand new Jira experience including roadmaps right inside the product, brand new boards, an overhauled configuration experience, and much more. During this webinar you will: 

  • Learn about our bold new product vision and get updates about what's shipped recently and what's on the roadmap for Jira Software Cloud
  • Learn about key trends in software development and modern work and how we're reimaginging Jira Software Cloud to solve for the problems of tomorrow
  • Learn how to navigate and optimize Jira Software's new product experience with best practices


Jason Wong headshot

Jason Wong

Principal Product Manager

A native of the Sutherland Shire, from the land downunder, Jason has the honor and privilege of working on the Jira team since 2014. He loves nothing more than visiting our customers to understand their business and tech as he seeks sources of inspiration for the product. An avid traveller with many hobbies. A proud family guy.

Jake Brereton headshot

Jake Brereton

Head of Product Marketing, Jira Software Cloud

誇り高い中西部出身者である Jake はノースカロライナ州を経てカリフォルニア州に移住し、幸運に恵まれ 2013 年以来から Jira Software チームに所属しています。カスタム ワークフローを構築していないときは、「カタンの開拓者たち」や、ヘンドリックス ジンを使った世界一おいしいジン トニックの研究に熱中しています。