From theory to practice: optimizing agile team delivery

You’ve adopted agile–now what? Join this webinar to learn how to get the most value from agile practices working with Jira Software and Confluence Cloud.

How do teams get the most out of agile? In this webinar, we’ll go one level deeper, beyond standups, and demonstrate how to enhance execution and team health working with Atlassian tools.

Join Atlassian agile expert and scrum master, Joyce Vargas, as she shares how her team applied agile to boost efficiency and team satisfaction. Joyce will provide tips for keeping agile people-centric, enhancing team visibility and transparency, and cultivating frequent adaptation.

Learn about:

  • Maximizing team effectiveness and agility with the scrum framework
  • Using Jira Software and Confluence Cloud to drive the most value for your team
  • Evolving your team’s agile capabilities



Joyce Vargas headshot

Joyce Vargas

Agile Scrum Master, Atlassian

Joyce is a Certified Scrum Master and ICAgile Certified Professional. With a background in user experience, Joyce brings her design problem-solving expertise to the realm of agile software development. She is passionate about cultivating cross-functional collaboration, promoting empathy, and coaching teams to higher levels of delivery agility. Outside of work, Joyce enjoys surfing, ballet, and reading memoirs.

Kelly Drozd headshot

Kelly Drozd

Product Marketing Manager, Atlassian

Kelly は Jira チームのプロダクト マーケティング担当者です。継続的な改善に力を注いで、チームが共同でより良い作業ができるように取り組んでいます。アトラシアンに来る前は、マーケティング チーム間でアジャイルの導入や変革の取り組みを主導していました。その取り組みの中で、10 を超えるビジネス ユニットと数百のユーザー全体に Jira と Confluence を拡張することもありました。チーム向けのアトラシアン ツールの持つ力について伝える業務に余裕があるときには、ヨガをしたりサンフランシスコの坂道で犬の散歩をしたりしています。

Jessica Taylor headshot

Jessica Taylor

Product Marketing Senior Team Lead, Confluence Cloud

Jessica has been a senior operations and marketing leader at consumer tech and mobile startups for over decade. She adores learning from Atlassian customers and working with Confluence's product team to create solutions that help teams unleash their potential. She’s a recovering startup founder, aspiring novelist, and mother to three feminist children.