Atlassian + MYOB on managing cross-team agile programs

Looking for inspiration on how to plan and track work across multiple agile teams and programs? Looking to increase visibility into progress on company initiatives? Join a delivery manager from MYOB, a leading SaaS provider of business management software in Australia and New Zealand, to learn how they use Advanced Roadmaps to help them manage, track, and bring alignment to a program with dozens of agile teams and over 150 people.

In MYOB’s largest business unit there are over 150 people on agile teams working towards several of the company’s most important goals. As with most agile companies, they needed a way to empower teams to move fast while staying aligned on common goals, increasing transparency, and communicating progress to leadership teams and across their business. Join us to hear how MYOB’s delivery manager, Pratik Patil, rolled out Advanced Roadmaps to do just that. The Atlassian team will also be there to show a quick demo of Advanced Roadmaps and do live Q&A. 

During this webinar you will:

  • Learn how MYOB plans and tracks work across over a dozen agile teams 
  • Learn how MYOB increased transparency and visibility across their business with Advanced Roadmaps
  • Hear how MYOB scaled up Advanced Roadmaps in their org by starting with a pilot program
  • Get tips from MYOB’s Delivery Manager, Pratik Patil, on how to be successful with Advanced Roadmaps 
  • See a demo of Advanced Roadmaps in action, with some new key features
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions to Pratik and the Atlassian team


Pratik Patil headshot

Pratik Patil

Delivery Manager, MYOB

Pratik is a delivery leader with 15 years of experience working in agile software development. In his current role he is responsible for end to end delivery across multiple agile teams. Prior to working at MYOB, Pratik spent 8 years at REA Group working on a broad range of agile projects and before that he did  delivery consulting for over 5 years at Synechron. He is passionate about building high performing teams and solving complex customer problems.

Josh Frank headshot

Josh Frank

Principal Product Marketer

Josh is a Principal Product Marketer on the Jira Software Cloud team. He's passionate about helping teams reach their full potential and build better products. When not telling the world about new Jira features, you can find him cycling through the Bay Area hills.

Peter Morris headshot

Peter Morris

Product Management Team Lead

アトラシアンに入社してから 4 年近く、さまざまな役職を経験。そのすべてが Jira 製品に関連している。Jira Software Cloud Premium で Advanced Roadmaps を立ち上げたチームの一員であり、現在はすべてのプランニング経験の管理を支援している。生まれも育ちもシドニーなので、アクティブなアウトドア派だと言いたいところだが、実はソファを愛するインドア派。