Demo: Top 5 admin control features

Check out the latest admin features that are available now on Cloud Premium and Atlassian Access. In this demo, you’ll learn best practices on how to use and set up our latest admin features from the team that created them.

Join this demo and see how to get the most out of the latest admin controls and security features available now in Cloud Premium and Atlassian Access. We’ll be joined by the product team who built these features, and also hear how these features may evolve.

In this webinar, you’ll see best practices for:

  • Sandbox
  • Release tracks
  • Automatic product discovery
  • Authentication policies
  • Automatic user provisioning


Matt Tse Headshot

Matt Tse

Senior Product Manager Enterprise Cloud

Matt is a Senior Product Manager on the enterprise team. He’s focused on leading change management initiatives across our Enterprise Cloud to help customers be successful in using Jira and Confluence Cloud.

Narmanda Jayasankar Headshot

Narmada Jayasankar

Principal Product Manager Atlassian Access

Narmada is the Principal Product Manager for Atlassian Access, a product that offers enterprise grade security for Atlassian cloud customers.

Yiting Jin Headshot

Yiting Jin

Senior Product Manager Enterprise Cloud

エンタープライズ クラウド チームのシニア プロダクト マネージャー。組織の管理者が大規模な管理に関する難しい問題を効果的に解決できるよう支援している。