Take a full tour: Trello Standard and Premium

Find out how Trello's Standard and Premium plans can help you manage work with your teams in just 20 minutes.

What to expect from this webinar

In this video tour, you'll get a chance to learn how you can make the most out Trello’s Standard and Premium plans to manage work with your teams. In just 20 minutes you will learn how to keep your projects and tasks moving as seamlessly as possible with essential features that power tighter collaboration and efficiency.

Trello Standard and Premium are for teams of any size. See why 2 million teams in 150+ countries trust Trello to empower their teams.



Jordan Mirchev headshot

Jordan Mirchev

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Trello

アトラシアンの Trello チームのシニア プロダクト マーケティング担当者である Jordan は、チームができる限り生産的かつ協調的な方法で業務を管理できるように支援しています。仕事以外では、アナログ盤レコードを収集し、世界中を旅行し、2 人の幼い娘との時間を楽しんでいます。