Content design glossary template

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Create an A-Z guide to help your team design effective content

Content design glossary template

While great writing can come from a single author, the most effective content is often created through a collaborative process. In addition to writers, your team has designers, marketers, and other experts all working together to create new products and customer experiences. Keep everyone working toward a unified creative strategy with the content design glossary template. With our template, you can create a single resource to list and define all the terms your design team uses.

content design glossary テンプレートの使用方法

Step 1: List commonly used design terminology

To create a robust content design glossary, start with the terminology your team uses regularly. To focus your thinking, imagine you’ve recently joined your company and need to quickly get up to speed on a project. Use this section to list and define the product names, industry terms, and other content you’d need to learn how to use.

Step 1: List commonly used design terminology

Step 2: Get feedback from content designers

Before you publish your glossary, seek advice and feedback from writers, designers, and other creative partners. You can use the template to @ mention team members and clarify open questions on the terms you’ve already defined. Leverage your design team’s expertise to add more terms to the template if they notice any gaps.

Step 3: Add terminology examples

Your content design glossary should be a living document that’s frequently updated as it evolves. Keep your glossary fresh by adding terminology examples to each definition. You should ideally include both an example of how to use the term correctly and incorrectly.


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