Remote PI Planning Is Here To Stay

Learn from Jira Align customers at Lloyds Banking Group and Nets on their approach to PI planning in today’s remote world, how to build stronger alignment, deliver ROI, and predictions for the future.

When it comes to PI planning, most of us think of large groups gathered together in conference rooms. However, there is a valid argument to be made against the high costs and loss of productive time due to travel. 

The global pandemic has flipped everything on its head and forced us to conduct PI planning remotely. And, honestly, maybe that’s a good thing! Jira Align customers have found that with the right processes and collaboration tools, remote PI planning sessions can yield the same, if not higher, outcomes as in-person events. 

In this webinar two Jira Align customers will have a conversation about remote PI Planning best practices, lessons learned throughout the pandemic, and what they predict for the future.

You will learn:

  • How remote PI planning can be more efficient and cost-effective than in-person planning
  • What pre-planning practices to adopt to ensure participation
  • Real-world take-aways from people who’ve adopted this practice


Frantz Tomety headshot

Frantz Ekue Tomety

Senior Manager Product & Engineering, STE at Nets

Frantz is addicted to agile at scale and passionate about designing and implementing new ways of working to deliver amazing digital products, particularly on delivering a great customer experience. Frantz has several years experience in consulting leading transformations in the financial services industry and has been focused on the digital payment industry for the past five years.

Gordon Price headshot

Gordon Price

Business Agility Senior Manager, Lloyds Banking Group

Gordon Price has worked in Financial Services for over 25 years in a variety of roles. During the last 5 years he has been focused on transformations and value streams. His background is coaching (Systems Thinking and Agile) and he currently leads the Scaling Agile team at Lloyds Banking Group. Outside of work, Gordon enjoys spending time with his family, traveling to Spain, reading, and watching football and boxing.

Chris Spanner headshot

Chris Spanner

EMEA Lead Enterprise Agile Consultant, Jira Align

Chris è un orgoglioso sostenitore di Atlassian e incoraggia la ricerca di nuovi modi di lavorare per liberare il potenziale di ogni team nella tua organizzazione. Insieme al suo team, aiuta i clienti a raggiungere risultati migliori attraverso la trasformazione di persone, pratiche e prodotti. Stimola il coinvolgimento attraverso un approccio incentrato sul risultato e con scadenza precisa per massimizzare il valore per il cliente in ogni fase. Chris si occupa principalmente di introdurre un approccio Agile su larga scala nelle grandi imprese che operano in settori come la tecnologia, i servizi finanziari, la sanità e la vendita al dettaglio.