When things go wrong, your customers need to know. End-users have come to expect a high level of transparency from the services they rely on, and will often express public frustration when they’re left in the dark:

On the flip side, customers tend to express appreciation when kept in the loop:

Statuspage has helped thousands of customers improve their incident communication, so we know first-hand the critical role a status page plays in keeping customers in the loop. But what if your customers don’t find your status page, or don’t want to subscribe to updates? How can you ensure they’re still informed?

Enter our favorite new feature: Status Embed!

Why you should market your status page like you market your product

With Status Embed, you can display the current state of your services in the places your customers are most likely to visit, like your homepage, app, or help center. When an incident or maintenance event is posted to your page, that information will automatically update wherever you’ve chosen to embed the status. Status Embed surfaces your status page to customers, helping to both reduce support volume and build trust with every incident.

Surface your status in 3 easy steps:

Decide where you want the status widget to appear

choose the positioning of your status widget

Customize colors for your incident and scheduled maintenance widgets

customized colors for incident and maintenance widgets

Copy and paste the autogenerated code into your website or app

status embed code snippet

Voila! Next time you have an open incident or maintenance event, end users will see it when they visit your website or app:

screenshot of embedded status widget

Looking for more inspiration on how to surface your status page to end users? Check out this guest post, Why you should market your status page like you market your product.

Embedding Statuspage directly into our product gives customers the information they need upfront. This provides a more seamless user experience and reduces the amount of calls and tickets our Customer Support team receives.

Nick Coates, Product Owner – Incident Communication Tools, Symantec

Embed your status

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