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Technology is changing the world faster than ever. Thanks in part to the rise of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, customers have come to expect the apps they use to be accessible at all times. As a result, companies are transforming the way their teams operate in order to meet these demands.

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And perhaps no team experiences the impact of a transformation like this more than IT. Dev and IT Ops teams play a central role in companies that are transforming themselves to meet new customer needs, building the integrations that allow disparate tools to communicate with one another, thus allowing users to work more efficiently. But even if your Dev and IT Ops teams are aligned in this mission, incidents and downtime are inevitable – and really hard to fix.

Opsgenie is a great solution for consolidating alerts from your monitoring, ITSM, ChatOps, and other tools. And once they’re consolidated, our flexible rules engine ensures critical alerts are never missed and the right person is alerted every time. But what happens when those alerts are a symptom of a larger issue? For example, constant CloudWatch Alerts that an EC2 server is down could signal an AuthFailure error code stating you might have expired credit card credentials, or you’re trying to use an incorrect access key for one or more of your AWS regions. 

Introducing Opsgenie Incident Timeline, which allows every incident responder and stakeholder to see the full activity of an incident in real time, including critical information like incident status, associated alerts, and stakeholder updates.

Stakeholder notifications are captured on the incident timeline. To update stakeholders, click the Status Page link, hover over the incident in question, and click to send an update. 

click to send an incident update message

The incident timeline can also be viewed and edited from inside an Incident Command Center session. As your teams work toward a resolution, they can add notes and view the latest updates in real time.

add notes and view updates from the Incident Command Center

The companies that are thriving in this ever-changing digital environment are those with agile Dev and IT Ops teams that are built to respond to customer requests and deliver an integrated experience. Atlassian’s mission is to empower every team to respond to, resolve, and learn from every incident, so teams can deliver software and services that work for customers – no matter where they are.

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