The Jira Software you needed in 2002 isn’t the Jira Software you need today. The workflows you built in 2010 aren’t the workflows you need today. And the permissions model we built for early adopters of Jira Software isn’t the right model for all the teams using Jira Software in your company today. Modern software team building for the cloud work differently than the teams of the past.

That’s why our teams have totally reimagined the product to focus on making it easier to use and more powerful for modern software teams. In this new experience, software teams have more autonomy in the way they work while still delivering the power Jira administrators expect.

Here are 5 highlights to explore

We’ve rolled out an entirely new project experience for the next generation with a focus on making Jira Simply Powerful. In your next-gen projects, don’t miss:

    • Build-your-own-boards: Customize your own workflow, issue types, and fields for the board you want and need. All without needing an administrator’s help or putting another project’s customizations at risk.

    • Redesigned issues: The Jira issue functions as the core unit of work in the software industry, connecting work across tools and teams of all kinds. In the brand new issue design, it’s now easier to understand what’s most important and how to take action that will move work forward.

    • All the Agile, with more agility: Next-gen projects let you design the way your team wants to work. Teams can begin with a lightweight approach and then progressively add more features like backlogs, estimations, sprints, and more. All in a single click.

    • Out-of-the-box filters: Generate a custom view of your next-gen board in seconds, with out-of-the-box filters by issue owner, epic, label, and more. No JQL required (although it’s still under the hood if and when you need it).

    • Jira anywhere: With Jira Cloud mobile, you’ll never be out of the loop on important projects and you’ll never be a blocker on any issue again. No more pulling out your laptop on the bus ride home. With Jira mobile you can:
      • Create, read, update, and delete issues and columns
      • Groom your backlog and start and complete sprints
      • Respond to comments and tag relevant stakeholders

A new tech stack

To support modern software development teams building software in the cloud, Jira Software needed to be reborn as a modern cloud app. That meant changing everything from our tech stack to permissions and the UX. Our move from a monolith toward microservices changed the way we build Jira, and the changes we made to Jira transform the way you work with it. Developers now have more autonomy, administrators have more flexibility and advanced users have more power. Additionally, we’ve made Jira simpler to use across the board. Now, anyone who works with development teams can collaborate more easily.

The modern software team

Building software is a team endeavor that goes beyond code. Designers, analysts, marketers, and many others must work together to create great products. That’s why we’ve added dozens of new integrations that automatically sync with the redesigned Jira issue so that everyone knows what’s going on without having to update Jira manually.

Roadmaps in Jira

For cloud software development teams, launch day is every day. The new Jira Software Cloud is a perfect example. It wasn’t built by one team, it was built by many teams. And, it wasn’t built by every team shipping in unison to hit a launch date. Instead, each team tested, iterated, feature flagged and measured usage and sentiment until they reached a positive outcome for our customers. When each team hit their goal, we rolled out to the rest of our users. This modern model for building software guided the changes we’ve shipped in Jira Software Cloud, including new features such as roadmaps built directly in Jira.

Roadmaps for next-gen projects in Jira Software Cloud make it easy to sketch out your big picture strategy and share it with a few simple clicks. Roadmaps in Jira help to ensure everyone has a clear view of what big initiatives are underway and how they map to the actual work items in each project.

The new Jira begins now

We hope you love the next-gen Jira Software experience we’re announcing today. We are far from finished. The new features and improvements will keep coming. When a modern cloud team has built something of value, every day can be launch day. Follow along on our new public roadmap to see what’s coming in Jira Software Cloud.

View Jira's public roadmap

The new Jira begins now