Jira Service Desk is focused on helping service teams deliver great customer service. Jira Service Desk’s powerful integration with Jira Software allows service and development teams to close the feedback loop and resolve requests faster.

But that’s not the only integration Jira Service Desk has. Thanks to the many apps created specifically for Jira Service Desk, you can customize your service desk and queues to make customer service a breeze.

Multi-channel support

Using Jira Service Desk, your team can collect customer requests through a simple customer portal, or helpdesk, and through email.

But these are just two of the many channels customers use to request help. Customers reach out on social media, inside the product, on chat, or (if possible) carrier pigeon. This presents a challenge for service teams: how can they stay on top of all these customer support channels?

Here are some great apps that allow your customer service team to plug in to many channels:

Social media

According to a J.D. Power survey of over 23,000 online consumers, 70% of consumers have used a company’s social media channels for customer support. But this trend offers some challenges. First, customers have high expectations for a fast response time, with 80% of Twitter users expecting a response within a day.

These interactions are also public – read: visible – to everyone on the world wide web. Furthermore, social media is not an environment IT traditionally has had a presence in. Important inquiries and urgent issues may not be seen by the right team at the right time. Finally, these requests, feedback, and bug reports are not categorized by highest priority, assignee, or type of request. This can mean that IT teams won’t spend time where it is needed most.

Hootsuite for Jira Service Desk by 6kites, a certified Atlassian expert, seamlessly connects customer feedback from social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to service teams. It even won Atlassian’s “Best Business Team Apps” category at our Codegeist hackathon. Convinced? Check it out on the Atlassian marketplace.


Phone calls remain the most popular way for customers to get support. 96.7% of surveyed IT teams reported using phone as a support channel*. With Call Center for Jira Service Desk, you can create Jira Service Desk tickets from phone calls. The app also even lets agents join in on active phone calls to help out. 8×8 ContactNow for Jira Service Desk is another option for making and receiving calls. You can search for the caller’s recent tickets, track call activity with comments and start a call with a single click without ever leaving the ticket.

Collect customer feedback

Jira Service Desk already offers an easy way to capture customer satisfaction ratings after tickets are resolved, but there are even more ways to ensure that your company is providing a great experience for your customers.

NPS measurement

Net Promoter Score, or NPS, is one of the leading tools companies use to measure customer sentiment. Your service team may want to contribute with an accurate measurement of customer sentiment about your products. NPS for Jira is an easy way to start using NPS. With it, you can give feedback back to product and management teams about how to improve – and consequently reduce future ticket volume.

Customer forums

You can create forums for customers to comment and upvote on issues with the Customer case for Jira app. Customers will be excited to have the opportunity to contribute, and service teams can be on top of the most frequent feature requests. Win-win!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Context really matters when a customer has an important request. What company are they part of? Did they just upgrade their product? Are they a top paying customer? What other issues are they dealing with? It’s up to your service team to figure this out.

By connecting support tickets with external customer databases, you’ll be better equipped to resolve these questions quickly.

CRM for Jira Cloud

CRM for Jira Cloud gives you an easy way to connect your Jira Service Desk Cloud and Jira Software Cloud instance to your CRM so you get a holistic view of your customer feedback from sales to support to development. Our integrations with top CRMs, including SalesforceMicrosoft Dynamics, and HubSpot will take your customer service to the next level. Learn more about your Jira CRM integration possibilities here.

Build a CRM within Jira Service Desk

Jira Service Desk recently released the capability to group customers by organization. And with the addition of Atlas CRM, you can add information about each company, including billing address and contact information, directly to Jira Service Desk.

Database integration

Even if your team doesn’t have a customer relationship management tool, you may have an internal customer database. With the Database Adapter for Jira, your team can access valuable information about your customer such as: how long they’ve had the product, when their license is up, or what products they use.

Explore hundreds of apps

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*HDI Salaries and Practices Report, 2013

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