You’re a savvy product manager who just worked with your team on a new iteration of the product roadmap. We know that no strategy is ever developed alone – you want to share it with leadership to get buy-in and align with company goals, or run it by your most high-valued enterprise customers to gain their trust and their feedback.

But how do you ensure your stakeholders have the latest and greatest version of your roadmap? How do you avoid creating yet another spreadsheet or slide deck that will be outdated in a few weeks? What about sharing the right amount of information with the right stakeholders?

Smooth collaboration beyond the walls of your team and your company can be hard to come by. That’s why we’re excited to announce you can now share read-only views in Jira Product Discovery with internal and external stakeholders who don’t have access to Jira or your Atlassian site. With published views, save time and bring more visibility and alignment into your prioritization and roadmapping process, all while keeping your information safe and secure.

Save time (and hassle) on manual updates

Say hello to more sparring, brainstorming, and coming up with the next great idea with your team – and goodbye to time spent updating multiple decks and spreadsheets.

When you publish a view, your stakeholders always have the latest with a live and always-up-to-date link. You can now keep information within Jira Product Discovery without having to copy or re-create it in a deck, spreadsheet, or PDF, ensuring everyone has the right information.

Increase stakeholder reach and visibility

Whether you want to share a view with one person, a whole team, or even customers, we’ve made it easy. Simply type a name, group, or paste a list of email addresses, copy the link, and paste it in a Slack message, Confluence page, or email.

Your stakeholders outside the product team might not know how to use Jira Product Discovery. By publishing your views, there’s no learning curve or mental load required. Once they click the link, they are taken straight to the destination: a simplified version of your view, abstracted from the rest of your Jira Product Discovery project.

This makes consuming information for them quick and easy, and allows them to focus on your top-of-mind: learning about your product vision.

More security

Share your roadmap with customers to give a glimpse into what’s coming next, and foster trust and engagement. You’re in full control over which data is shared, and which is not.

Stakeholders who access a publish view won’t have access to the rest of your Jira Product Discovery project, and you can select which information is visible such as comments, attachments, or insights, to ensure and private or sensitive data is hidden and secure. To access a published view, stakeholders will also have to create a free Atlassian account.

What’s next?

This is just the beginning. We’re working on making it easier to collaborate with teams within and beyond your company walls. Stay tuned!

To see a full demo of externally shareable views, or to leave questions or feedback, visit our post in the Atlassian Community.

Collaborate without bounds: Introducing externally shareable views in Jira Product Discovery