The digital economy is global and affects almost all Atlassian customers. Many are on a journey to move from project to product; adopt cloud, Agile, and DevOps; and optimize digital experiences for their customers. They want to deliver better software that results in value outcomes faster, sooner, and safer. Value Stream Management (VSM) offers the path to these results. VSM is a set of practices that focus on teams working to deliver optimal customer experience using value streams as a foundational concept. With its roots in lean, agile, and DevOps, VSM is a natural next step for all of our customers engaging in digital transformation.

With analysts reporting massive upticks in inquiries about VSM, Atlassian recognizes that our customers look to us to help them adopt the VSM practices and tools that will make them successful. In a recent report, “The Value Stream Management Landscape, Q3 2022”, Forrester defines the VSM solutions market as “a market of software technology that integrates with software automation tools to enable users to map, visualize, measure, and govern business value flow (including epics, stories, and work items) from ideation to deployment through heterogeneous enterprise application delivery pipelines.” Identified as an emerging market by Forrester, Atlassian is included in the report as a “key vendor”.

What is the Value Stream Management Consortium?

Strengthening our commitment to VSM, Atlassian has joined the Value Stream Management Consortium (VSMC) as a Leader Member. The VSMC is a member association for enterprises and individuals working with VSM practices and platforms. Its purpose is to advance value stream-centric ways of working in technology teams to lead to higher-performing organizations. The VSMC helps organizations around the world improve performance and drive customer value through the adoption of value stream management. In addition to Atlassian’s membership, Jeff Keyes, Atlassian head of product marketing for enterprise agility and a founder of the VSMC, is a board director at the VSMC.

“When we first conceived the VSMC, we knew it would need the collective expertise and support of a broad array of vendors and practitioners in the community,” said Helen Beal, chair of the Value Stream Management Consortium. “We’re pleased to welcome Atlassian’s membership, as well as the leadership and vision offered by Jeff. Together, this collaboration is creating VSM open standards, good practices, and insight-driven innovation that drives VSM forward.”

What our membership means for Atlassian customers

Modern organizations are looking to improve customer-centricity in their ways of working. By studying how customer value flows across teams in the organization, to deliver meaningful outcomes to both the customer and the business, leaders can gain new insights into organizational performance.

As a VSMC Leader Member, Atlassian is positioned at the pinnacle of VSM thought leadership and practice development, which will drive Atlassian VSM solution innovation.

Jira Align helps enterprise leaders build outcome management systems (such as OKRs) that communicate the targeted performance levels of the organization’s value streams. When the newly identified value streams influence the structure of the outcome management system, the connection from strategy to execution becomes more explicit. Then, as outcomes are managed across the whole organization, with VSM as the backdrop, the achievement of goals can directly impact the flow of value, improve enterprise agility, and deliver the desired customer outcomes.

“Our customers tell us that as they scale their Agile practices across their companies, it becomes increasingly hard to understand if their business and technical teams are working on the right things or collaborating effectively”, said Tiffany To, Atlassian Head of Product for Agile and DevOps Solutions. “Atlassian sees Value Stream Management aimed at targeting these challenges by identifying the why – strategy and goals, the what – work, and the how – collaboration of business and technical teams from ideation through delivery. We believe teams, including non-software delivery teams, can use value stream management insights to manage their process improvement and correlate investments to value delivered from the customer’s perspective.  We are excited to help drive these practices in conjunction with the Value Stream Management Consortium.” 

Ready to talk about value stream-centric approaches?

Are your Agile and DevOps leaders engaged in VSM conversations with the C-suite? Maybe it’s time to start the conversation. Atlassian and our community of partners are here to help. With robust Advisory Services and resources, we can discover where you are on your project to product journey and explore how to adopt and optimize VSM practices. Get in touch and let’s start the VSM conversation.

Atlassian joins the Value Stream Management Consortium