In an often volatile economy, the ability to adapt and respond to rapid market changes is crucial to success. Especially when your adaptability allows you to leverage fresh opportunities that may remain unforeseen in your field. 

Many teams work with agile at a micro level, but through embracing agile at scale you can better organize your projects, teams, and priorities to deliver with greater value while remaining buoyant and future-flexible. This enterprise agility practice also improves customer satisfaction by delivering better value, increases employee engagement through better workflows, and overall drives operational resilience from alignment with visibility.

In this blog, we’ll explore how adopting agile at scale with a framework solution such as Jira Align can boost enterprise-wide visibility and foster innovation at a massive level. We’ll also delve into how you can optimize your agile practices at scale across teams.

Be in the know, across teams

Enterprise-wide visibility is crucial to tracking finite resources, various levels of decision-making, and outcomes both internally and customer-facing. This level of visibility helps leaders mitigate potential risks and dependencies before they permeate into a greater issue. 

With the right insights at the right time, leaders can drive successful execution and stay ahead of the competition. On the flip side, without enterprise-wide visibility, leadership is making decisions with only partial information which can result in making the wrong trade-offs leading to dissatisfied customers, loss in market shares, or worse.

A quick glance at the news often reveals a company that once was all the buzz, but due to poor leadership choices, ends up in a downsizing spiral. Even with good intentions, a lack of visibility can still deliver the same end result as a cavalier, egotistical one.

By adopting Enterprise Agility through Jira Align’s tools and features, leaders can:

👀 see what’s happening across your organization through rooms, live roadmaps, and in-product reports

🗓️ maintain flexible budgeting periods which allow users to budget both by quarter and by portfolio commitment for better cross functionality with finance

🖼️ better predict business outcomes by using Roadmap for outcome visualization

Make the next best thing

A high-velocity innovative environment relies on rapid informed decision making. To get there you have to track and manage resources to optimize your portfolio of strategic initiatives. This is where making sure you have the proper insights come into play.

Another way to drive innovation is by enabling autonomy with alignment, which means allowing work to be divided but connected across the enterprise. By creating parameters and maintaining visibility, you can allow your teams to work in their own favorited ways which can result in improved quality of their delivery.

By leading with Jira Align, you can:

  • allocate resources appropriately
  • estimate investment and track burn rates
  • leverage scenario planning to better decide where to invest
  • understand the potential value of a special initiative
  • envision internal and external dependencies at all levels of scale
  • ensure that funded product investments are aligned with corporate goals

We’re getting more from the teams, and they’re happier because they’re actually shipping more often”

Lambros Kallianiotis, CTO, Belong


Many organizations can experience organic agile practice growth but without a centralized executive lead plan, those practices still remain siloed and possibly unaligned to the company as a whole. When adopting Enterprise Agility it’s helpful to use a partner’s expertise to optimize your transformation as a whole to accelerate delivery and improve value to the business and customers alike.

As much as team level improvements are great, there is no guarantee those teams are working in alignment with your overall business strategy – which is a waste of both time and money. For true Enterprise Agility, you must optimize and improve the system as a whole to ensure the organization gets the full value out of your transformation effort.

After growing team output by 30% in the first year with SAFe, we saw another roughly 30% incremental growth in output the following year with the adoption of Jira Align.”

Ben Bard, Engineering Director, Lutron

The next steps toward transformation

For more quantifiable metrics on the effect of Jira Align on an enterprise, make sure to check out Forrester’s Total Economic Impact report for Jira Align. According to Forrester’s findings, customers experienced:

  • 340% ROI over 3 years
  • $20.8 million in benefit value
  • $16.1 million NPV subtracting costs over 3 years

Forrester also found that Jira Align’s value can also be measurable through:

  • providing enterprise agile planning capabilities that improve project manager and developer productivity
  • helping organizations capture incremental revenue by decreasing time-to-market
  • reducing waste across the enterprise by supporting better decision making

If you would like to see how you can improve your enterprise’s competitive standing through fully informed decision making on a centralized agile platform at scale, we encourage you to learn more about Jira Align.

Modern leaders require enterprise-wide agility