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For most self-managed environments, modernizing and upgrading IT is about significantly more than just getting the newest features or capabilities. Often, it is one of the best opportunities for enterprises to capitalize on improved security. But the upgrade process isn’t always an easy or straightforward decision, because it can bring significant costs from downtime. As a result, leaders are often left weighing the pros and cons of when to upgrade. With Atlassian’s Data Center offerings, this ambivalence is a thing of the past. Data Center provides zero downtime upgrades (ZDU) for Jira Software and Jira Software Management, and rolling upgrades for Confluence and Bitbucket.

Upgrade on your schedule

We know that many organizations maintain self-managed environments in order to retain the control it affords. With our new features, you can still control when you upgrade, and to which release, regardless if you’re organization is running its own hardware or using a cloud provider, such as AWS, Azure, or GCP. This means that with Data Center product lines you can keep security up to date without accruing downtime costs.


With ZDU, your organization can upgrade to any version of Jira Software or Jira Service Management (as long as it isn’t an upgrade from one platform release to another). Rolling upgrades enable your organization to upgrade to the latest bug fix for whatever version you’re running without ever having to take down your environment.

Keep security up to date

Security is universally paramount, and as organizations continue to digitize, it can seem like there are more and more vulnerabilities threatening businesses every day, impacting IP, consumer trust, competitive capabilities, and more. With ZDU and rolling upgrades, organizations can feel confident that they’re maintaining the most recent security and bug fixes, keeping their information safe without ever having to impact work by pulling down an instance for an upgrade.

Avoid costly downtime

How Atlassian Data Center helps combat downtime

You no longer have to choose between costly downtime (from pulling down an instance for an update) and essential security. According to Gartner, the average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute, but this can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors like time of day, industry, or organization size. And there are other costs that don’t often show up on the bottom line: planning around scheduled downtime and the interruption it can cause eats up valuable time and breaks productive workflows. Data Center lets organizations introduce new security updates (and feature updates, if leveraging ZDU) without having to pull down an instance or impact organizational productivity.

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