This is a guest post by Alex Medved, Project Manager for ConfiForms app for Confluence at Vertuna LLC.

HR is a great field to work in, but it’s often filled with paperwork — lots of paperwork. Did you know that you can bring many of your HR processes, templates, and forms right into Confluence? It is a great way to streamline information all in one place, without losing important items buried in email or in computer hard drives.

To give you an idea of what is possible in Confluence for HR teams, here are 6 simple HR form examples that you can use today. What’s more, all of these forms can be integrated with Jira Software, so that you can track the process on these requests as forms come in.

New employee registration

Help new employees register with your company with this simple form that has some nifty capabilities. If you also use Jira Software, you can use the information in this form to automatically create a Jira issue to track progress on different actions, such as creating accounts payroll and other tasks you typically need to do when onboarding a new employee.

HR form employee registration

Track vacation requests

Don’t drive yourself crazy tracking the vacation calendars of everyone on your team! This form allows you to create one centralized location for vacation requests that anyone else can see. No more confusion about who is out, and when.

HR form tracking vacations
This is a form our Support team uses to track vacations.

Request or replace an access badge

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably lost or misplaced one or two access badges in your day. Make it easy for employees to request an access badge upon onboarding, or get a new one if they lose their old one.

HR form access badge request

Hardware request form

It’s hard to work without a computer, right? Give your new hires access to a hardware request form so that they can get all the equipment they need to be successful in their new role.

HR form equipment request

Account access

Nowadays, knowledge workers use many many online tools and software to get their work done. Use this form to request account provisioning for an employee in your different software systems you use.

HR form account access

Gather feedback

One key opportunity for HR is to constantly gather feedback from employees about their satisfaction with the company, and what things can be improved. Use a form to solicit feedback from your employees on a regular basis. This particular form was created to get feedback about the efficacy of a company’s all hands meeting.

HR form gather feedback

Using forms in Confluence is a great way to collect, store, and organize the information you need from your employees. And, with the ability to connect to Jira Software, you can track the status of requests as they come in so that no one is left behind. ConfiForms makes an app for Confluence that allows you to create these and many other forms for your HR team and beyond. Download ConfiForms from Atlassian Marketplace for free and start creating your own forms in Confluence in seconds.

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6 simple HR forms you can use in Confluence