If you use Jira, you know that great technology makes all the difference. You thrive off of efficiency and organization, using rich Jira features to stay on your game. That’s why you need an integration that matches your technological standards. Well, we’ve got one for you. Meet the new Jira for Hipchat integration built on Hipchat’s powerful integrations platform.

The new Jira integration drastically reduces signal-to-noise ratio by piping your Jira notifications into the right sidebar. Not buried deep in your chat rooms, your Jira notifications are now available whenever you need to see them.


More signal and less noise

Your rooms are where your team discussions happen, and alerts that pipe right into chat rooms can distract your team’s focus. Alerts can also quickly disappear into chat history, making them easy to forget or miss. Now all the Jira information you need is available the moment you want it.

The integration settings you made in Jira will remain the same, however you can now configure your sidebar notifications down to the details. Choose the project, issue type, priority, and dozens more options. It’s truly yours to mold.


Whether you’re a software development, IT, or business team, we think you’ll love how this fits into your daily workflow. Unsolved blockers and untriaged issues are now more accessible so that your team can keep things moving along.

Install the Jira for Hipchat integration

The integration is available for teams using Hipchat Cloud and Hipchat Server. If you already had the Jira integration installed, you should already have been updated to this new version.

Not yet using Hipchat? Learn more about how it can help your team communicate better. For those ready to give the integration a first go, install it today. It’s free! Here are additional instructions to get you up and running.

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